Dear Great Ones:

Thanks for joining us once again for another exciting time of sharing with you through this platform which you so ardently endeared, the happenings back home, in terms of how your families left behind are coping, how they are going about trying to meet their daily needs, and how they and the government are conducting their responsibilities.

Not to burden or bother you with too many pleasantries, we would like to indicate to you that all is not bread and butter as yet, despite every effort on the deck to address the growing wave of unease, high cost of living, lack of job opportunities and an unending trend of uncertainties exacerbated by the pending elections in which almost everyone wants to vie for elected posts in the National Legislature. This is because, as some of you know already, working in the legislature as lawmaker is the fastest way people are getting rich, getting daringly powerful, overbearing show  of attitude, less interest in the well-being of the electorate, and so far. In one district, for example, about 30 persons have expressed interest in running for office, for just a single slot. What this tells you, Great Ones, is the depth of  greed for political powers, to use same to amass wealth at the detriment of the every people represented. This has been the order of the day since ‘Jesus was a boy and the Pope was a priest.’

Well, in the last communication which we understand was read to a huge number of you guys including ex-presidents Doe, Tolbert, Tubman, Roberts, Daniels and Johnson at the home of Barclay, we talked about what happened at the home of a former Chief Justice. Do you know that the police said they are finding it hard to establish whether someone intruded the house? So, I am sure you guys may by now be wondering as to whether the act was planned and executed from within. But the police need to go beyond saying they are  finding it hard to establish whether there was an intruder or not. Surely, we think you will determine that is a hard stuff to understand though, and what it suggests is that the girl who was killed during the “attack” actually might have been targeted.

Great ones, we are not trying to make you scare by informing  you of this situation, rather it is to give you a gist of how your country is still backward, still struggling to improve in areas of importance to the peace, security and wellbeing of your brothers, daughters, sisters, sons and other relatives who are still alive. To investigate a single incident and establish cause and doer (s) is taking Liberia such lengthy, windy time is a serious issue. Aye Liberia! Well, we don’t want to dwell on this issue, which is still being investigated including the conduct of autopsy few days ago. Everyone is pensively waiting for the outcome of the autopsy, though Liberians hard to believe autopsy reports.

For information as well, the President traveled out of the country week before last and is expected back home any time soon. But all kinds of news that can hardly be verified came up, including that he was invited by the CIA; something that has engendered public debate and apprehension, with those in opposition trying to make the most of it. Different accounts! We are confused as to whether it is common for the CIA, America’s secret security agency, to invite sitting presidents. But whatever the case, we are sure the Prezo himself will like to speak to the rumor if he returns and we will try as much as possible to furnish you with what he would say. In fact, you guys need to tell in dreams to tell your people what was his mission in the US, whether he was truly invited by the CIA as portrayed by opposition elements. We don’t know if the CIA is now metamorphosed into a diplomatic entity, working alongside the State Department or White House to invite sitting Presidents. Please help us find out from the ex-Presidents in the Great Beyond, mainly President Doe who was earlier closed  to the US administration under Ronald Reagan, and was later pestered when he tried to look to the Eastern European Bloc led by then Soviet Union. Let’s know in your response to us, please.

Yeah, please be informed further that the election momentum is high more than ever because an important aspect of the process – voter’s registration – has begun in earnest in six different counties according to the plan of the National Elections Commission (NEC). Your relatives (sons and daughters) are trekking to different sites to register, whether in districts they reside or not. You need to know that election is a time of shifting and grabbing in Liberia, meaning that people go from place to place, at the behest or request of aspirants or hopefuls to register. So it is during this ongoing voter’s registration process, as others are trying to milk the process, trucking people from county to another, from one district to register as their potential supporters. Do you know that a bus belonging to the National Transit Authority (NTA) was reportedly attacked in Brewerville by angry citizens who said they against the idea of trucking people out of Monrovia? For your information, trucking is at the highest peak in spite of continuous condemnation by Liberians and partners, who think it is against the spirit of fairness. This should tell you that after the elections, you are likely to hear people calling on radio stations and referring to their original districts “Abandoned Districts”, forgetting that they did not vote for the one who eventually emerged as winner and is not doing anything for the district.

However, before we take leave of you, we would like to inform you also that former Vice President Joseph Boakai is struggling to find someone as running mate. If you don’t know, there are reports that he is contemplating naming controversial and unruly Henry Costa who now resides in America, as well as one Senator from Nimba County, Jeremiah Koung. But the stroll that is likely to break Boakai’s back is that Senator Prince Johnson of the same Nimba County, who is responsible for the death of some of you in the Great Beyond, insists that Koung is his party’s Candidate in October’s polls. Worst of all, there are reports also that he is weighing in on naming Senator Nyonblee Karnga, who herself is not sure if she has the popularity, apart from her own county of Bassa. But let’s wait and see; there are more good Liberians. Don’t you think that some of you need to talk to the oldma in dreams to tell him to leave this “I want to be president” thing, keep his lay dollars and do something else with it?     

Well, thank you for allowing us to come your way as usual, hoping to hear from you the soonest about happenings affecting you guys in the Great Beyond. If you are in hell, we are sorry; if you are in heaven, hats off to you. Be good where ever you find yourselves. The way you made your is how you are resting on it.

Thanks for being there!

From the Editor’s Desk

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