Only Three Contenders in Presidential Race

By: Washington Tumay


The Presidential Candidate of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) in the October 10 Legislative and Presidential Elections, Alexander Cummings has admitted that there are only three major contenders in the presidential races.

The National Elections Commission has accredited 20 Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates vying for the presidency in the October polls.

But with confidence, the CPP Candidate named himself as one of the contenders including Joseph Boakai of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) and incumbent George M. Weah of the Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Speaking on the Voice of America (VOA) recently, the CPP Presidential Candidate said among the three of them, he is of the conviction that the Liberian people will elect him in the coming October 10 polls.

 According to him, the Liberian people have realized that he is the real change that the country is seeking in the pending polls due to his ability to transformed the country unlike the two other contenders in the race who have shown no leadership to change the living condition of the people and the country over the years.

Cummings further disclosed that his records in the corporate sector shows that he was able to managed well with transparent and credible leadership at all levels he serves in the Coca-Cola International Company has showing his ability to lead Liberia’s transformation from its undeveloped status.

He further rejected the perception by CDC and Unity Party of winning the first round of the October 10 polls indicating that the way through which the electoral process is formulated and the number of candidates, there is no possibility for any one political party to win the first round of the polls as being claimed by CDC and UP.

With such revelation from the CPP Presidential Candidate, both the Coalition for Democratic Change and the Unity Party are intensifying their one round victory campaigning across the country.

The CDC is on its campaigning tour with President Weah convincing the electorates to reelect the CDC Government due to the tangible developmental projects across the country for the past five years while Unity Party is campaigning in the government’s inability to address the economic conditions and security of the state by the CDC and they are on the rescue mission to deliver the country.





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