One Year Child found dead in well

Duport Road Dec 13-The lifeless body of a one  year, one month body was found dead in a well in Cow-field, Duport Road.

The cause   has not been established but police have gone on the scene to investigate.

According to the grand mother of the Child, madam Kollie, David Kollie, the child went missing last night after her mother had gone on the road to send mobile money.

The Well

“Last night, the mother came to me to ask if we have seen 29,(referring to  the child’s play name). I told her no.   Then she asked if her husband was  around. He was not with me. We tried to call him, but his phone was off,” the mother explained.

She said, early in the morning, she saw her rushing to her crying that the body of  her son was seen in the well. “She told me that they  looked for the boy last night,” she added.

According to her, the lady   who share  the  same house with her, told her she heard  a sound of someone last nigh near their room door. But she did  go to see; thinking that it was one of them.


The house of the dead Child

“She said,  the Child’s mother  left  him with his older brother who is nine years old.

The police on the scene said “investigation is ongoing. We will try to burry the child.”

The community Chairman, Cyrus Gweh called on everyone to remain peaceful as the police carries out  their work.


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