MONROVIA-A memorandum of understanding between OK FM 99.5FM and Media Aid Foundation is expected to be signed next week.

If signed, the Memorandum of Understanding-MOU  will set the pace for selected Radio/News staffs of OK FM (99.5) situated on Lynch Street, Monrovia,  Montserrado County.

Under this MOU, OK FM Radio will nominate its staffs for 8-10-months intensive, hands-on and specialized journalism training, and said nominee (s) will be residing in Monrovia or parts adjacent during the entire period. The first phase of the training shall focus on the following key specialized news reporting courses during separate training quarter/semester:  Health Journalism-1 Health Journalism-2, Political Reporting &  Development Journalism

As part of the training package, PQSJ organizes and recommends students for advanced learning exchanges, symposiums, seminars involving both local and international partners including US Embassy-Monrovia. The implementation of this MOU will build relations between MediaAid and OK FM, as the selected radio staffs would learn more about specialized journalism practice not just locally but globally inclusive of the ‘new media’ as well as the needed skills for journalists in the current job-market.

Training Activities

The selected OK FM staffs shall be afforded the opportunity to meet and share learning experiences with other media students at PQSJ, news makers, and ordinary people in Liberia as they improve their news gathering skills and techniques. At the close of the 8-10 months training, OK FM staffs would be graduated and awarded a ‘Certificate’ in specialized Journalism at a formal ceremony to be attended and graced by both entities (MediaAid & OK FM).

Specific Training Objectives

  • Staffs of OK FM Radio will improve their knowledge of variety of topics in specialized journalism courses,
  • OK FM staffers will be better prepared to practice journalism,
  • The OK staffs will also improve their ability to provide quality journalism, particularly through specialized news reporting,
  • Increase ties and mutual understanding between MediaAid/PQSJ and OK FM,
  • Formalize institutional relationship between MediaAid and OK FM

Cost of the Training

Under the MOU, MediaAid shall ensure that the selected staffs of OK FM benefit from the specialized Journalism training at no cost throughout the training period. On the other hand, OK FM under the MOU shall provide free air time including the airing of press releases, announcements, broadcast live coverage of MediaAid events and programs as well as provide internship opportunities for trainees/students of the Peter Quaqua School of Journalism-PQSJ during the period of the MOU. The MOU between both Institutions (MediaAid & OK FM will last for a period of eight months.


Any of the institutions (MediaAid & OK FM) reserves the right to end the program in line with this agreement but shall be done through a written communication.

MOU/Training Guidelines:

Before a student is admitted into PQSJ, he/she must meet the following:

  • Be a high school graduate or above
  • Have a smart phone
  • Have an email address
  • Social  Media accounts (FB, Twitter, Instagram) (One of these social media accounts)
  • A voice recorder/camera/tablet (one of these items)
  • Pen & Note pad


  • No unauthorized usage of the MediaAid/PQSJ equipment such as, voice recorders, cameras, computers, microphones, textbooks etc…
  • If a student damages any equipment at the entity during school activities without authorization to use it he/she will cover the cost.
  • Any student who engages into unnecessary arguments with a MediaAid/PQSJ Trainer/Staff at school, insult and fight both employees & fellow students/trainees would be subjected to penalty as enshrined in the PQSJ Handbook.
  • No beverages of any kind are allowed on the school’s campus or training sessions.
  • All PQSJ trainees/students including OK FM staffers are subject to journalism school’s Handbook and the required public health protocols.

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