Nyanti Frowns On Drug Importation

Amidst the latest discovery of illicit drugs at the Roberts International Airport, Reverend Sara BeysolowNyanti, Standard-bearer of the African Liberation League (ALL) has strongly condemned the importation of illicit drugs in Liberia, particularly the involvement of public officials.

In a statement issued today, Nyanti highlighted her worries and praised the Armed Forces of Liberia personnel’s vigilance for helping to detect and confiscate drugs at Roberts International Airport.

Madame Nyanti is steadfast in her determination to defend Liberia’s sovereignty from dishonest and unscrupulous actions. She has previously promised that, as president, she will set up a whistle-blower account to reward devoted citizens whose acts result in the capture and conviction of Liberia’s drug traffickers.

In a news release, Nyanti expressed her sincere gratitude to the members of the Armed Forces of Liberia who discovered the illegal substances and immediately alerted authorities. This patriotic deed serves as a reminder of the significance of group efforts in stopping the drug trade in the

“The solution to the drug problem in Liberia goes beyond the rehabilitation of our affected children, it also involves stopping the importation of harmful substances,” Nyanti said. Stopping the importation of pharmaceuticals is necessary. She underlined that one of the main tenets of her presidential campaign is the fight against this disease.

Under Nyanti’s leadership, the African Liberation League is steadfast in its commitment to ending the drug trade and safeguarding Liberia’s future generations. Nyanti urged every Liberian to take part in this crucial effort to create a safer and drug-free Liberia.

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