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MONROVIA-Due to the ongoing renovation on the campuses of the University of Liberia, the Administration of the University has announced that there will be no graduation this December.

According to Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson, the ongoing renovation work on the university campus had affected academic curriculum, therefore the 2022 graduation ceremony will take place next year why the administration strives to catch up with its academic curriculum.

As you may know, the University of Liberia is currently in the thick of a major renovation and rehabilitation exercise intended to ameliorate the teaching and learning environment in all campuses of the University of Liberia.

It is being executed by technicians of UL Administration as well as four agencies of the Government to include: the General Services Agency, Ministry of Public Works, The Armed Forces of Liberia and LACC.

This is what the renovation is all about: restoring, repair, to renovate these iconic structures.

Given the scope and nature of work, which is expected to be done, it was decided that the renovation be segmented in phases with the first phase commencing on April 6, 2022 and estimated to last five weeks, based upon this, the UL Administration announced the resumption of classes for June 6, 2022.

But in a news engagement Thursday, June 3, 2022, UL President, Dr. Nelson says, this cannot also be possible due to the ongoing renovation and rehabilitation work.

Following consultation with engineers and technicians in charge of the renovation and rehabilitation work, and given the extent of work yet completed, an additional three weeks is needed to complete the first phase of the renovation, as such, June 6, 2022 scheduled for the resumption of classes is not possible.

Dr. Nelson announced the new date set for the resumption of classes at the University of Liberia for Monday, June 27, 2022.

The GSA and Ministry of Public Works are leading the first phase of the renovation, which affects mainly the UL Capitol Hill Campus, and to a lesser extent, Fendall Campus.

The first phase, Dr. Nelson said covers key facilities at the UL Campus, including the rehabilitation of restrooms, drilling of boreholes, and the erection of water towers for the supply of water in various restrooms, and various plumbing works.

“Buildings on Capitol Hill that have been affected include the Firestone Quadrangle Building, the Tubman Hall, Robert Hall, the Samuel Greenleaf Hall, and the Elizabeth Tubman Hall, (GD Building).”

“While these buildings and structures hold many cherished memories and recollections for many, however, it is so saddened that many of these very structures so dearly revered have never been a subject of any serious and massive renovation or repair for more than three decades since the founding of the University of Liberia in 1951.”

He furthered, “If these buildings mean anything to us, and if they are still as relevant to the present generation as they were to the past, then it is now imperative that we as managers and custodians of this great institution, do something about the dilapidated state of these buildings and entire campus of one of Africa’s oldest universities.


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