Noise Over Fendell Land Payment

....Affected Residents Accuse C’ttee

By: Mark B. Dumbar

Several affected landowners in Fendell whose properties were demolished have complained over the recent US$1 million provided by the Liberian Government as part payment of their US$5 million for the settlement of their properties.

The demolition of properties that occurred under the leadership of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf claimed the attention of the George M. Weah Government which promised to pay the amount of US$5 million to the affected residents.

In an interview, the affected residents complained that they are not receiving the amount promised them for the value of their properties.

According to some aggrieved landowners, the money was sent to a group of ‘corrupt’ land dealers under the banner, “Fendell Extent Land Owners Working Committee (FELOWC).” They alleged that the group which claimed to be representing all the affected residents received one million United State Dollars from the Government of Liberia as part of payment of the five million United States Dollars promised by the government.

They disclosed that through the advocacies of other humanitarians, the government has finally decided to pay the amount of five million United States Dollars to settle those whose houses were demolished during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

They alleged that the committee instead of giving the money to affected residents; they are giving money to people who never owned properties in Fendell. They further alleged that those whose names are not on the payment list are those receiving the money.

One of the aggrieved residents said, “They have put their family names to benefit from the money.” According to affected residents, the committee has been set up for the purpose of stealing money from those who are aggrieved over the loss of their properties and are annoyed over the situation.

The demolished property owners mentioned that people whose properties were destroyed are not receiving their rightful payment which they should have received from the one million United State dollars provided by the government.

“Some of us received little amount from the money,” they lamented adding that the corrupt committee is taking what is not belonging to them to enrich themselves.

They further alleged that the committee is not in the interest of those who were affected by the demolition and are annoyed over their property’s issue.

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