Nobel Liberia Celebrates With Liberian Muslims


-Gives Several Bags Of Rice

Nobel Liberia, Liberia’s largest importation of Premium USA Parboiled rice, Money Transfers Services (Nobel Money Transfer) and the 24 to 48 hours food delivery service (Nobel Express) recently identified with the Liberian Muslims Community by providing several bags of rice for their Ramadan Day celebration.

Making the presentation at the Monrovia Central Mosque on Benson Street, the Chief Executive Officer of Nobel Liberia, Jallah Kesselly, said the donation of the food items to the Liberian Muslim Community is his institution’s own way of identifying with the Liberian Muslims community as they celebrate their Ramadan Day.

Receiving the donation amid smiles on the faces of a crowd of Muslims who had gone to the Mosque for Friday’s prayer, the Senior Imam of the Monrovia Central Mosque, Sarlo Dukuley expressed thanks and appreciation to Kesselly and his team, and assured them that the items provided will be shared equally to members of the community.

Speaking further, Imam Dukuley urged his fellow Muslims to utilize Nobel Services, noting that, “We will encourage all of our members to use your services which we believed is one of the most reliable financial services and importation of quality USA Parboiled rice which is good for people who are suffering from diabetes,’ Dukuley told fellow Muslims.

Nobel Liberia since its establishment in Liberia has provided dozens of assistances to several institutions including the presentation of a check of US$5,000.00 to the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), several thousand of US dollars to the Chicago Bright Foundation to provide safe drinking water to underprivileged communities, US$1,500 to the Monrovia Football Academy to name a few.

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