“No Third Term”

–President Weah Assures Liberians, International Partners

President George Weah has vowed that he would not go for any third term and he will prove his critics wrong.

Over the past time, he said, such remarks that he would not run for third terms have come from his ministers, but this time, it is coming from the horse’s own mouth.

He made these statements early this week when he broke grounds for the Ganta-southeast highway road.

“I can guarantee you that; I will not go for third term. The referendum is not to go for third term, or fourth term. The referendum is to give you the opportunity to have a say too,” he said.

This is the first time for him to publicly speak about his tenure. There have been speculations in some quarters that he wants to run for third term should he reduce the tenure from six years to five years.

“Let us not play a dangerous politics. There is no Liberian you can eliminate because he lives in Australia, America or in Europe. We are all Liberians. It is an opportunity for all of us. If your brother or child is an American, there is a possibility that you can have an American passport, because there is a possibility that the child can file for you,” he added.

He said “We are not breaking rules here: If anyone thinks they are intelligent than you, they should come to you and use the word propose. It is a proposal.  Some of these instruments are good. It is not to hijack the process, but to give you the opportunity so one day when you go away, you can still is a Liberian.  Remember George Weah did not know that I would one day leave Gilbrata to Chaprita,  Monti Carlo or to Paris. So if I can do it, you can do it. Do not let those that get that opportunities stop you from having it.  Because they have, they do not want you to have it.”

He appealed to Nimbaians and all Liberians to support the referendum and also vote for the CDC candidate, Jeremiah Koung.

In three years time, he said, his administration has done a lot that no other government has done since Liberia gained independence over 150 years.

“We have done so much that no other president has done. Within three years, we have done so much.  The pro poor agenda is working for the people and I know our detractors come to you to persuade you,” he said.

“The people of Nimba County, on December 8, I will be listening, I trust you and believe you, our big brother Prince Johnson asked you to vote for Honorable Koung,” he rallies

He added: “Nimba has not failed me. If you listen to my name, Saye kozee [which means, Saye our own]. Since I am your son, you got to join me to make sure that Koung be the next Senator of this country.”

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