No Protester Was Killed

...Says police director

MONROVIA-The Liberia National Police  says it has Restored  clam  to  Kinjor, Grand Cape  Mount  County after  several  citizens  went  on  the rampage  in demand  of benefits  owed  them  by  the  Bea  Mountain  Company.

Addressing a news conference Tuesday in  Monrovia,  Police  Spokesperson, Moses  Carter said  due to  the  protesters’ action,  the  official vehicle  of the Inspector  General, Col. Patrick T. Sudue  got  damaged  and one vehicle of the  Bea Mountain  Company  was also  burnt.

He said the Inspector  General of Police  and some  senior  officers  are currently  in the  County making  sure  that  peace  with orderliness is respected.

The Police  Spokesperson said the news  about  Police  shooting and killing  one protester  is false  and misleading  the Police  only  used teargas which  is  conventional all over the world.

Carter  said  during  the  protest,  three persons were arrested  and are  currently  undergoing  investigation at  the  Grand  Cape Mount  Police  detachment and will  be duly  Charged  and sent  to Court.

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