‘No Money Missing’


-Former CBL Governor Weeks Told Court

By R. Joyclyn Wea:j.wea@newrepublicliberia.com

Former Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia Milton weeks says as far as he knows, no money was missing from the Bank during his administration for which he should be prosecuted.

Milton weeks and three others members of the Board of Directors of CBL are on trial for allegedly conspiring to print excess money in the tone of ten billion Liberian dollars without legislative approval as required by the amended Act of 1989 creating the bank.

Weeks explains that the excess ten billion Liberian dollars for which he and others are currently facing criminal trial was use to covered transportation cost contrary to government’s accusation that the money in question was diverted for their personal use.

According to the state, the CBL paid the amount of US$433,898.14 in excess of the amount originally charged by the printing house (Crane Currency) to print the 10.3 billion Liberian dollars banknotes at the time, but Weeks resisted on grounds that the amount referred to by prosecution was not for printing cost rather it was to cover transportation expenses.

Weeks further informed the Court when he took the stand, that up to his departure from the Bank all the ten billion enhanced notes was never infused into the Liberian economy though he did not mentioned how much was infused into the economy prior to his departure from the CBL.

When quizzed by the Judge as to why the enhanced printed money and the legacy notes are still on the market up to date, Weeks claimed not to be in the know as it is two years not since he left the CBL. 7?X�o�

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