“No Blind Support For Runoff”

As the race to the runoff gets closer with multiple endorsement crisscrossing the country, the Standard-bearer of the opposition Collaboration Political Parties (CPP), Alexander B. Cummings, says the CPP will not blindly give support to any of the two political parties going in the November 14, runoff elections.

Speaking on the Voice of America (VOA), Day Break Africa Programme Monday morning, the CPP leader said both former Vice President Joseph N. Bokia and incumbent President George M. Weah have engaged the CPP at a meeting held at his 15thStreet residence soliciting a possible support come November 14, 2023 but insisted that the CPP will just not give of the two candidates their support but will genuinely base them on the overall interest of the Liberian people.

Mr. Cummings also stated that that there are substantial issues he believe if addressed will begin to change and reduced the sufferings of the people of Liberia stressing that whether the opposition, current ruling party or former ruling party, the CPP will want to have discussions around the issues of the Judicial and the rule of law, women empowerment, youth capacity building, and that the selected party must publicly commit to the Liberian people that they will address those underlying issues that continued to back-step the country’s advancement.

“This week the CPP will announce to the public by Tuesday or worse case Wednesday which political party the CPP will support during the November 14, 2023 run-off elections,” Mr. Alexander B. Cummings told the Voice of America.

Touching on his stance over the recent October 10 vote counts, Mr. Cummings emphasized that he will makes no apologies for engaging the two political parties headed to the runoff election slated for November 14, 2023.

The former Coco-Cola Executive and ANC Standard-bearer noted that the CPP believes that the results announced did not reflect the will of the Liberian people narrating that the just ended October 10th, 2023 polls were fraudulent and that the CPP is doing an investigation to understand what happened.

He said it is understandable in 2017, he was not known by anyone in the country and was able to pull a 7% of the votes, while after six (6) years he got just less than 2% of the total vote counts.

“This makes no sense to the CPP and we are going to investigate. The opposition polls, fake polls, and real polls showed will be investigated,”   Mr. Alexander B. Cummings told the VOA.

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