Nimba’s ‘Pharaoh’ Hammered

-Who Has The Deed? As Sua Lashes PYJ Of Not Owning Nimba County

Following many fierce battles that won great warriors fearful names like Goliath and Pharaoh now used by power-seekers to showcase their magnificent kudos as the movers and shakers in the business of wheeling and dealing; the now far-from-being-over question about who is the custodian of Nimba County; despite the declaration by a prominent son of the county proclaiming to be the father is becoming contestable by the day, according to pundits.

According to many callers on several local phone-in radio talk shows particularly in Monrovia, they find it preposterous and quite difficult to comprehend regarding a single individual priding himself as the godfather for the county; the loudest and only unchallengeable biggest voice in the place; the self-professed political kings maker and the sole liberator of his kinsmen from the scourge of targeted annihilation, could be masquerading as the exclusive supreme owner of the county is laughable and a glaring reflection of a self-made Pharaoh who must be politically hammered.

The pundits insisted that Nimba County is solely an integral political part of the Republic of Liberia as evident that many renowned, prominent, eminent forebears including ancestors, and it would be foolhardy for an individual to amass or accord himself so much responsibility and authority as though the county has no existing sons and daughters any more.

Of late, it was reported that Nimba County’s Senator Prince Y. Johnson raised the red flag on the political leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, his Alternative National Congress (ANC) party and members who have gone to conduct their convention in Gompa City (Ganta) on May 4, 2019.

It  was reported on a Truth FM’s nighttime show, “What’s Your View”, wherein Sen. Johnson, who regards himself as the ‘Godfather’ of the county, said the ANC, being a member of an opposition political coalition must get the consent of the county authorities, including him, before taking the convention to Nimba.

He said Nimba County remains a strong supporter of the George Weah-led administration and would not entertain the convergence of any group of people or political party, who has plans to protest against or unseat the President.

“Nimba County that consists of 1.2 million citizens all over Liberia, our support for President Weah is unwavering. We have a country parable that the devil we dress, we cannot undress it. We’ll continue to support this government despite these stormy days,” he said.

Sen. Johnson noted that opposition people are holding meeting in Nimba. There was a meeting in Nimba between ANC Political leader Alexander Cummings and Representative Larry Yonquoi, who is a member of the ANC – an Executive Member who also hails from Nimba County.

The lawmaker intoned that “during a normal time like this where there is no election, if you want to hold a convention in Nimba, you’re free to do so, but notify the leaders of the county – we must be notified. We’re the political leaders of the people. The administrative head of the county from the Executive must also be notified. But you cannot take an opposition political party leader who is in coalition with other parties that are attacking this government and giving the government three months, they’re supporting Yekeh Kolubah, to my county, our county.”

However, ANC’s Chairman for Recruitment and Mobilization, Atty Lawrance Sua a native of the Nimba County who contested in the 2017 Legislative and Presidential elections for Nimba County electoral district #1 and came third lashed out at Senator Johnson that Nimba County does not belong to his one and by extension; he does not own Nimba County.

Atty. Sua maintained that there are salient reasons for the establishment of the war and economic crimes courts in the country.

Meanwhile, Pharaoh is the common title of the monarchs of ancient Egypt from the First Dynasty (c. 3150 BCE) until the annexation of Egypt by the Roman Empire in 30 BCE,

In Egyptian society, religion was central to everyday’s life. One of the roles of the pharaoh was as an intermediary between the gods and the people. The pharaoh thus deputized for the gods; his role was both as civil and religious administrator.

He owned all of the lands in Egypt, enacted laws, collected taxes, and defended Egypt from invaders as the commander-in-chief of the army.

Religiously, the pharaoh officiated over religious ceremonies and chose the sites of new temples. He was responsible for maintaining Maat, or cosmic order, balance, and justice, and part of this included going to war when necessary to defend the country or attacking others when it was believed that this would contribute to Maat, such as to obtain resources.



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