Nimbaians Go wild for president Weah

Ganta- Citizens of Nimba county, went in complete joy and happiness when president George Weah  arrived in the commercial city of Ganta on Monday.

Gio Devil

Thousands of Nimbaians stood along the roadside  in total excitement to welcome to the county, their  president, whom many of them see as one of their kinsmen.

Young and old people converged at different locations to  have a glimpse of the president.

Different groups stood with messages of love and appreciation as well. Some of the groups are; ‘Old  Timers Women Organisation  of Ganta,’  Five for ‘Five market’  as well as student groups. Even Mask dancers, commonly referred to as ‘Gio devil”   did not want to leave out of the  entire program.

As one person said, the mask dancer that was earlier invited   to perform at a traditional marriage outside of Ganta,  snubbed  the event, with his assistant saying; “you talking about president coming here, then you calling us go to one tight corner side wedding?   This is an opportunity for my Gio Devil to show himself to the president.”

President  Weah was greeted by the Nimba Legislative Caucus, citizens and later taken on tour.

Chocolate Factory:

The president   later  visited a  School; an institution which produces  Chocolate-

The Liberian International Christian School. Students at this institution produced chocolate, jam, juice and  others. President Weah said he was   impressed to see  students in  that part of the  country  to come  out with such great work. More to that, the students are using  solar dryer to  dry fruits and vegetables.

The school  was   founded in 2012 to superficially  carry out agricultural related   programs in the county. Since then, it has attracted several students  from other parts of the country.

Courses offered  are in line  with the   University of Maryland, USA global agriculture framework.  As part of the learning  process, they carry out video learning and chatting  on a weekly basis with their  colleagues in the USA.

The president is expected to  visit other cities in Nimba like; Saclapea, Bahn, Graye, Tappita and climax it in  Gbi and Dorru.


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