NHA Holds Brain-Storming Confab Today


By: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail .com

MONROVIA-The Managing Director of the National Housing Authority, Madam Cecelia Coffey-Brown has proclaimed a one-day national housing stakeholders’ conference in Congo Town.

Madam Coffey-Brown said the Conference will assemble government officials headed by President George Weah, investors, those of the banking sectors as well as the citizenry among others.

Speaking Tuesday on the State Radio super morning Show,  Madam Coffey-Brown said,  the conference will allow stakeholders to share ideas on the improvement of the sector.

The National Housing Authority boss further disclosed that the one-day assembly will be focused on information sharing regarding the building of the housing for Liberians to purchase, including strategies to build pro-poor housing units across the country.

She also disclosed that those stakeholders gracing the meeting will benefit; indicating that the NHA   has contractors and each of those stakeholders will be able to fit within their respective areas.

She said,  through the conference,  those Liberians especially the young people  who are interested in buying houses to get  the needed information and assurance  from  the banks  on  the process  of paying  for a house  that  the NHA   is building.

She further disclosed that NHA has investors now to invest into the national housing units, stressing that the conference will reassure   the investors’ commitment.

Madam Coffey-Brown said upon taking on the position at the National Housing Authority, the entity was totally empty without funding to undertake developmental projects.

She narrated  that due  to  her vision  and plans  as an administrator, she  and her team were able  to formulate plans  and engagement  that resulted  into  the first national stakeholder conference   that resulted   to  the investors’ investing in the  entity in which it  is building houses   through  the NHA.

She disclosed that NHA   has four investors that they are working with in the sector.

Madam Coffey-Brown said that the conference will go on with any number of stakeholders who will grace the conference.

She then said the Housing Units are not expensive, and encouraged the young people to take advantage to buy a home for a reasonable amount.

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