NHA Creates Rural-Upgrading Department


By T. Saye Goinleh

As part of President George Weah’s mandate to modernize rural housings across the country, the National Housing Authority (NHA) has announced the creation of Rural Upgrading Unit (RUU) that would be responsible to oversee the affairs of rural communities in the country.

Duannah Siryon briefs NHA staff

Addressing journalists over the weekend, NHA Managing Director Duannah Siryon said the creation of the department has become necessary so that the entity can be able to have available at its fingertips information about rural housings in the country.

Siryon said the NHA has decided to create a database that could hold thousands of information about rural housings throughout Liberia, so that those data are easily accessible at the click of a button in order to ensure the building of affordable, modernized and durable housings for rural communities.

The NHA boss further stated that all data collected would provide the total number of communities throughout the country that may benefit from government’s rural housing project that is being worked out for the poor in the interior.

He said the scheme would also gather data on the number of school buildings that should be built or refurbished, market stalls that should be constructed in a particular community, mud huts, population, clinics, among others.

“If we want to know how many affordable units that should be built in any rural community, we should have the information on hand right away without delay because of feasibility study,” the NHA managing Director announced.

Siryon asserted that this particular unit would roam from communities to communities to collect statistics that are essentially needed for the government’s Pro-Poor rebuilding of communities.

“We need to be proactive and not reactive when the call comes,” Siryon told journalists.

According to the head of NHA, his agency has another project known as the “Slum Upgrading Unit’’ that is currently working with stakeholders to improve the living conditions of shantytown communities across the nation.

He said under this program, the condition of slum dwellers would be studied and if possible, an entire settlement could be relocated to create better lives.


It may be recalled that Habitat for Humanity International and Cities Alliances recently completed a four-day meeting in Monrovia with NHA and developed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that is expected to be signed after being reviewed by parties involved to guide the government and partners on efforts to rebuild and upgrade slum communities throughout the country.

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