New Money Transaction App Officially Launched In Liberia

MONROVIA-Liberians are set to benefit from transactions with a new Money transfer app which maiden launching took place in Congo Town over the weekend.

eWallie was launched at an elaborate program that brought together stakeholders in the sector of the digital transition.

Making remarks at the official ceremony, Friday, March 25, 2022, Mr. Abdullah Lusenee Kamara, chairperson, BOG of the eWallie said their product has been around for about three years and the launching at the weekend was to create visibility using the media.

According to him, the company which is operated by innovative young men and women does money transfer not only in Liberia but around the world.

“We are in a space that no one is in, we are more than mobile money”, he said.

He said when they say, they are more than mobile money, it implies that their services are not limited to just sending and receiving money in Liberia, but also have an international base that uses their platform to do their transactions.

He indicated that institutions have started using their product for school fees payments and other money transactions.

Mr. Kamara boasted that the company is very innovative and is making tremendous pushes with the help of some very impressive young Liberians who have built their knowledge over the years.

According to him, institutions have trusted their products and have done transactions worth about three million annually.

Madam Edwina Zakpah, Chairperson of, Liberia Telecommunication Authority(LTA) said the LTA was proud of the achievement of the money transferring company.

She said it speaks that Liberia is joining the digital transformation, adding; “let’s join this transformation. We can do it.”

According to her, Liberia is going to check up with other countries when it comes to digital applications.

She said the more people have access to telecommunication, the more they are to use digital financial apps and it will help the country with improved economy.

She said opportunities are everywhere and it takes those who are willing to make it of those chances.

“You can be right here and be who you want to be”, the LTA chairperson said.

During the official media launch, Abel Oscar Zeegar, Product Manager of eWallie demonstrated how to use their product.

He demonstrated to them how to transact using their product both in Liberia and abroad.

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