New Bahn Public School In Sight


-As UNCIEF Breaks Ground For 17 Classroom School Building

By Esau J. Farr

In an effort to bring to bed the challenging moments faced by students, teachers and school administrators during the Rainy Season at the Bahn Public School in Nimba County, UNICEF in collaboration with partners is expected to break grounds for the construction of a 17-classroom school building in Bahn City tomorrow (Saturday, March 9, 2019).

UNICEF is the United Nations International Children Education Fundation.

The ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the school comes from the background of an engagement of school administrators of the Bahn Public School with educational stakeholders including UNICEF to help address the deplorable condition of the school over the years.

It is reported that based upon a fact finding visit and assessment of the school, the UN organ responsible for educational support and interventions decided to build a new 17-classroom school building for the institution to contain the growing number of students in the area.

According to an ELBC Correspondent in the county, the Bahn Public School has an enrollment of about eight hundred students, but the building currently hosting them is not in a very good condition especially during the Rainy Season, which is at the beginning of Academic Year in Liberia.

“The school in question was built in 1967. It has an enrollment of over 800 students, but teachers and students are most of the time forced to relocate during regular lessons time when rain comes in thus hindering learning processes of students for about two weeks,” an ELBC Correspondent told the ‘Super Morning Show’ Wednesday, March 6, 2019.

He quoted authorities of UNICEF and partners as putting the cost of the building at two hundred thousand United States (US$200,000) Dollars.

Though the duration of the construction of the school was not revealed, but when constructed, the building will help ease the many challenges being faced by school administrators and students on the other hand and the smooth running of the school thereby producing a good learning environment for all.

Many of the students found in the school are students from Bahn City and its environs with less financial backing most of whom are self-supported all in the name of acquiring quality education for their future and individual development. TNR

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