HON. GRAYBy: Washington Tumay

MONROVIA-A political rival of  District # 8  Representative,     Rufus D. Neufville, has officially announced to contest against Gray in the upcoming October 10, 2023,  Legislative and Presidential Elections.

Neufville who once served as District # 8  Lawmaker in the 52nd Legislature got defeated by Representative Moses Acarous Gray in  2011.

Since his defeat, Neufville has become a strong opposition figure to  Gray in the District.

Speaking Tuesday, March 21, 2023,  on local radio in Monrovia,   he mentioned that he is the only aspirant who is well-suited and qualified to defeat Gray in the upcoming elections.

The former District # 8  Lawmaker referred to other aspirants in the District as “play-boys.”.

According to him, the young people in the District believed in his ambition to rescue the District.

Neufville mentioned that the unwholesome acts exhibited by Representative Gray on the Campus of the University of Liberia will not go unpunished.

“Because of the political sin caused by Gray, I have been given a mandate to unseat him, not me in person personally,  but the people in the district,” he said.

“Representative Gray will go down in history as one who was punished for what he did to the  Students of the University of Liberia.

“I am prepared to battle Gray in a debate at any time noting that he is ready to defeat him” he noted.

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