NEC to Extension Election in Sinoe County


By: R. Joyclyn
The National Elections Commission has acknowledged the challenge in the opening of polls and the arrival of ballot materials in Sinoe and River Cess counties.
The commission linked this to bad road connectivity coupled with the heavy drop pool of rain causing overflowing of major rivers making it difficult for NEC staff to pass through.
Acknowledging these challenges, the commission through its chairperson Davidetta Browne Lansanah said there will be an extension at those precincts where there’s delay and said the decision will be communicated with all those involved in the electoral process.
“Due to the heavy downpour of rain for the past five days, the Planson River in Sinoe County which is located on the outskirt of Greenville overflowed its banks and crossed the main road leading to most of the centres in District Two of Sinoe County.”
According to Lansanah, all efforts by the NEC staff to cross the river from both sides have proven futile, this has impacted the conduct of polls in at least 11 precincts in district two, since county.
She also mentioned that the truck carrying election materials to District One, Sinoe County got stuck in the mud in the Butaw area due to heavy rain and bad roads.
“The election Magistrate arranged a fleet of motorcycles to convey the materials last evening, October 9, 2023, but were also challenged due to bad road leading to the late start of polls in that area.”
As a result of this, the commission said it would extend the voting time in those areas.
Providing on the situation in River Cess, Browne Lansanah noted that the Timbo River overflowed its banks and the NEC vehicles with election materials were unable to cross at the time.
“When the water receded, the vehicles carrying election materials arrived late at their destinations, leading to the late start of the polls in those areas. Some of the precincts in River Cess District one, Morweh, opened as late as 11 a.m.,” she disclosed.

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