“NEC Not Seem Ready For Election”

Amid recent concerns about the publication of the Final Voter Roll by the National Elections Commission (NEC), Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon says the electoral body doesn’t seem to be ready as they have asked their stakeholders for indefinite time to address the issue.

On Friday, September 22, 2023, supporters of the opposition Unity Party (UP) gathered at the Headquarters of the National Elections Commission (NEC), in an endeavor to know the status of the publication of the final list of the voter roll, by the Commission (NEC).

“We need to increase the temper and pressure on the Elections Commission to ensure that the final voter roll will be published, and submitted to political actors and stakeholders,” Dillon said.

Senator Dillon added, “The discussions in there inform us that instead of Tuesday they were insinuating or suggesting they are asking for indefinite time,” Senator Dillon told reporters mid Friday, September 22, 2023.

He further stated, “Elections is three weeks from now and the Elections Commission say within one week, there is no guarantee that the final voter roll will be submitted. If this is not concerning, then I don’t know what is even more concerning.” In his opinion, “Davidetta Browne is very unprofessional, something is hunting this lady and the country will suffer it. We want to say to our people, that the Elections Commission doesn’t seem to be ready, even the remaining of the funding, US$3.2million has not been received yet by the Elections Commission.”

He said the amount in question is significant for the conduct of a possible runoff. However, he said the amount has not been made to the Commission. Senator Dillon vowed to rally his colleagues at the Senate to ensure that the funding is made available to the National Elections Commission (NEC).

“The Elections Commission is under obligation to erase any perception of cheating or intent to do vote rigging. If you have technical issues be professional, be proactive with the information. In fact, invite stakeholders,” the Montserrado County Senator intimated.

The opposition lawmaker said it is expected of the Commission to communicate with its stakeholders and have them informed about their challenges if there is any.

The Montserrado County Senator is suspecting that the Commission is exhibiting delay to incorporate illegal holders of the biometric voter registration cards. He said the easiest way to address said issue at the moment is continuous engagements with the commission and legal action.

Senator Dillon believes this will ensure the existence of a smooth corporation between the Commission and its stakeholders and erase perception of possible rigging or malpractice.

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  1. Smith Whyte says

    Stupid Dillion, Per the last Supreme Court ruling in the 2017 runoff, the Elections Commission must. post the FRR one or two days to elections.

    The Elections Commission will not foolishly work with your dictates.

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