MONROVIA-The National Elections Commission, (NEC) of Liberia, has officially joined the largest and valuable Network for Election Management Bodies in the world, the Association of World Election Bodies, (A-WEB).

In its acceptance letter, posted on its Face Book page, to members of that world election management body, A-WEB Secretariat indicated that it was proud to present NEC of the Republic of Liberia as the 118TH member organization.

The A-WEB Secretariat statement, says with the approval of its Executive Board, it wishes the NEC of the Republic of Liberia well and excited for the future with NEC.

Speaking after the acceptance, Technicians of the NEC welcomed the idea to join A-WEB in the hope of strengthening collaboration with other internationally recognized election bodies that can further help to strengthen the efforts of the NEC.

The NEC Technicians hope that membership with A-WEB will help in the delivery of tis Constitutional mandate to conduct free, fair, and transparent elections and will provide further capacity enhancing opportunities for staff of NEC.

A-WEB, is the world’s largest election management organization, with the objectives to pursue a mission of conducting free, fair, transparent, and participative elections around the world.

A-WEB also seeks the emerging needs for strategic support for emerging democracies to establish legitimate government through free and fair elections and to achieve economic and social development through political stability.




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