NEC Conducts Recount, Rerun In Nimba, M’land Today

By: R. Joycelyn Wea

The National Elections Commission (NEC) has announced that it will undertake a re-count in 70 voting precincts in Nimba County’s Electoral District Four on Friday.

According to the NEC, the Supreme Court of Liberia mandated this re-count in Nimba County. An 18-member team of technicians from the commission’s headquarters has been dispatched to help the Magistrate with the re-count in Nimba County.

In a related event, the National Elections Commission has announced that on Friday, January 25, 2024, a re-run will be held in Electoral District number 2, with Precinct Code number 27020, also known as Old Sodaken Town Hall, in Maryland County.

The Commission reminds the public that the Maryland re-run is likewise based on a mandate from the Liberian Supreme Court.

According to the NEC, the campaign for the re-run in the Old Sodaken Town Hall precinct in Maryland County will begin today, Wednesday, January 17, 2024, and end on Wednesday, January 23, 2024.

A 12-member team of technicians from the headquarters of NEC has also been deployed to assist the Magistrate in performing the re-run in Maryland County.

Meanwhile, the Commission is inviting all stakeholders, including political parties, local and foreign observers, and the media, to watch both the Nimba recount and the re-run in Maryland counties.  


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