By: Washington Tumay

MONROVIA-The National Commission on Disabilities, (NDC),   has intensified efforts aimed at creating awareness and sensitization on menstrual hygiene in the country.

The Executive Director of NDC, Madam Domah-Paybayee noted that menstruation is a natural phenomenon for women especially the younger ones who have attained the ages of maturity.

She said women do not need to be isolated or rejected during their menstrual cycles.

Speaking on OK FM Radio recently in Monrovia, the Executive Director of NDC   mentioned that women during menstruation conceive the information to themselves.

She further expressed gratitude to Water Aid Liberia and the Canadian people for the level of support provided to them as a means of increasing the needed awareness and education on menstrual hygiene.

Madam Domah-Paybayee further disclosed that she has been having a conversation on menstrual hygiene with women living with disabilities.

She disclosed that since her ascendancy as head of the National Commission on Disabilities, there have been regular women meeting where they talk about menstrual hygiene.

She emphasized that during such gatherings, information is provided to those women on how to take care of their bodies especially when they are observing their menstrual cycle.

Madam Domah-Paybayee noted that it is the way a girl or woman takes care of herself that can allow friends to be free around her during the said period without odor.

“If people will have to come around you for relationships and other things, there are lots of things you have to do to your body so we talk about it during our conversation in the meeting,” she said.

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