National Road Fund Vital To Government Developmental Drive

MONROVIA-The Chief Executive Officer of the National Road Fund of Liberia, Boniface Satu says road fund is vital to the Government of Liberia’s developmental drive.

Mr. Satu said most of the government

Roads connectivity in Monrovia and its environs through the Ministry of Public Works are being funded by the National Road Fund.

Speaking  Wednesday December 22, at event organized by the Ministry of  Internal Affairs  in collaboration  with  the Ministry of Public Works in  Gompa City, Nimba County, Mr. Satu said  there  is a need  for  the citizens  to be aware of  the workings  of  the road fund , stressing  that  they are contributing  to  the funding  of  the road development  through  the purchasing  of gas.

The one day community Engagement and public outreach on the National Road Fund of Liberia was facilitated by a local organization ‘Design Tech and Communication.’

Mr. Satu speaking on the importance of the gathering said the roads  that the government  are constructing,  including  those  that  the partners  are supporting in the country, it was good for the public to be in the know of the workings of their government.

“If our roads are not maintained, they will not last, historically, maintenance has been our problem,” he noted.

The NRFL Boss furthered that the    establishment of the National Road Fund is to provide finances to the Ministry of Public Works to build the country roads including the improvement of the roads.

He said,   they at the NRFL   are working with several Ministries that include Public Works, Transport, Internal Affairs, Finance and Development planning and Commerce.

“The Ministry of Public Works and other agencies put ideas together, come with their plans and we fund those road developmental projects,’’ he told the gathering.

He added, “We have more than 13,000 km of roads in Liberia and most of them are not paved.   Our farm to market roads are in bad conditions.”

He indicated that the NRFL has increased the 6% to about 8%, “Building road is very expensive” he indicated.

Mr. Satu further disclosed that the Ganta-Tappita road is being funded by the Government and the people of Liberia.

According to him,   the Saclepea-Tappita road, the World Bank has finished the funding for that project.

“What killing Liberia is that our road is not actually connected well. If someone wants to go to the south-east, it is very difficult because of the road condition, this government is making sure that we maintain our roads and construct them” he said.

“Our roads are mainly damaged by the big trucks, even we, ourselves damage the road too” he noted.

He extolled the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its partners for organizing such event and disclosed that such program will go across the country.

Also speaking, Assistant Public Works Minister for Community Services, Bolton Dennis called on community residents to get involve with roads projects initiated by the government in their communities.

He said there is no need for the Ministry to take people from Monrovia to undertake projects that the residents in those area are capable of doing.

For his part,  the Technical Focal Person  in  the Office of  the Minister of Internal Affairs  Emmanuel Wheinyue  expressed gratitude  to  the participants who included motorcyclists, drivers ,marketers,  community based organizations  among  others.

He said since the National Road Fund started funding the Ministry of Public Works in road construction, people still think it is donors’ funding that is being used for those roads, but on the contrary, it is the money from the road fund.

Mr. Wheinyue added that it is Liberians own money that is being used, adding that it is illegal for the citizens to buy materials from those who are working on the roads.

“Buying materials from roads workers is very wrong” he said.

Mr. Wheinyue said in order to help the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the facilitation of the program, the Ministry hired Design Tech and Communication to inform the general public about the workings of the road fund and how government intends to have the roads done.

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