National Press Club Exhibition 3rd Edition

By Mark N. Mengonfia –

MONROVIA- Soltiamon Christian School System has won the third edition of the National Press Club Exhibition.

They won both Elementary and Senior High categories of the National Press Club Exhibition which took place at the Monrovia City Hall Friday in front of a panel of judges which declared them winners.

In the elementary division, the institution got 86 points to take the first place while in the Senior High category the collected 75.3 points ahead of the closest contender, Calvary Baptist Church School System that took the second place winner with 74.3 points.

Speaking at the start of the competition this Friday, the Executive Director of Youth Media Action (YMA), Varmah Amara Kamara said they at YMA organized the competition each June to commemorate the Day of an African Child, the pain and agony those African child felt in South Africa in hunt of quality education.

Also speaking at the event, Reporters Association President, Madam Cecelia G. Clarke admonished parents and African leaders to provide violent free society for kids to be at their best.

She said, “I am a believer and hold the believe that children are gift from God that everyone should handle with care by giving them protections, showing them love and keeping them from harm’s way.”

The Reporters Association boss said it pains her to see kids in the streets selling to make ends meet for them and their parents or guardians adding, “Is should not be happening to our children.”

She went on to say, “If you cannot cater to your family as a parent or guardian, stop doing what brings children or stop pretending to be providing guardianship to kids you get from your relatives. Please, I am bagging you to not use our children to win bread for your homes.”

Speaking to the kids, the LBS director of Programs at LNTV said, “Allow them to enjoy their being kids because when they turn into adults, they will fit in the role you are forcing them into now.”

According to her, everything has a time indicating that now is the time for the children to just be children who should be in schools, playing with their pears and dancing in the rain as such they should be cared for and loved.

“As a mother, it pains me to see children being use like grown-ups, this is bad and has to stop” the RAL President said.

Speaking to the kids, she told the children during the program, “We were all kids like you all, children! We all hopped for the best in what we did when we were young.”

She told the students celebrate the winner of the competition.

“But remember this kids that in every competition, only one person wins and everyone should celebrate the person who wins” she advised the children.

She thanked the organizers of the event for providing such a well-organized and well attended program indicting that these are environments kids need to grow in.

“As the President for all Reporters in Liberia, I await winner inclusion into the data base of the RAL. Thankfully I am here with the Secretary of the Reporters Association of Liberia” The RAL President said as she laughed and concluded.

For her part, Gender, Children and Social Projection Minister Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr said she was especially elated to have addressed the annual occasion because it present to the children, Liberia’s  future generation, the platform to demonstrate their writing, gathering and live presentation skills.

“In my view, this is a more creative way allowing children to have to speak about the issues affecting them, and to also participate in the formulation of the solutions to these problems” Minister Tarr said.

She commended Youth Media Action for organizing what she called historic 3rd Edition of the National Press Club Exhibition.

She said, “I believe this is worth commendation especially as this occasion is being used to commemorate the Day of the African Child.”

The Gender Minister encouraged the organizers to train the future communication specialist to always report the undiluted facts adding, “This is important because information is a very powerful tool.”

She went on to say, “We can make or break our society by depending on how and what we communicate.

According to her, given experience as a country, Liberians must always tie their democracy around ensuring adequate freedom of speech and of the press.

“As Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, I can commit to you that our Ministry and the government at large stands ready to support efforts to protect the rights and development of our children” she said.

According to her, the Ministry is open to working with Youth Media Action in helping her to achieve her goal of ensuring that every young person uses the media to transform lives and foster media reforms through a vibrant democracy.



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