National Lottery Bribery Center?

MONROVIA-The Liberia National Lottery Authority,  the statutory authority that regulates lottery and all betting games such as casino  in Liberia, head may be heading into allegation of bribery  from  some companies if this proves to be accurate.

Already, its former head,  martin Kollie was suspended by president Weah for  administrative reason and brought in Mr. Neved P. Kortu as acting head.  But before that, there have been series of concerns from various  betting companies that there were too many request made by senior officials at the entity  to  different betting entities.

Reports from the entity say that the laws which regulate  betting activates in the country, is being flouted to seek the interest of  other new entrants into the market.

The entity  head  is alleged that he is looking out to the highest bidder   to grant  permit to operator.  According to the law, a casino is to be four miles radius apart.  There is one in mamba Point, one in Congo Town and one on the airport. Btu the new casino  has its office in Sinkor Airfield, which  does not  meet the requirement.

But there are allegations that the head  has  received over ten thousand united States dollars from R. S.  Multiplex entity, a company which wants to operate in Liberia.

In a communication addressed to the  Chairman of the board, Mr. Titus Charley, from  Mr. Kortu said among  others  that they are seeking for the board’s approval  to grant license  to operate.

According to the letter, R.S. Multiple has met all the requirements and only needed the board’s approval. The company is to operate a Casino  around Airfield in Sinkor.

From Mamba Point, there is Oceanic Casino  and a new one wants to be  set up   Sinkor Airfield; which  is   said to be  less than four miles  radius according to the survey carried out  by an independent group.

Due to this,   the lawyers of Oceanic Casino, Jones and  Jones law firm have  registered their opposition to granting any license to R. S. Multiplex. It said this falls  within the four  miles radius  and at such , it should not be granted. ( Please read the letter of opposition to  granting)

When Mr. Kortu was  contacted for confirmation, he denied:  “ I came to government to work and I am getting pay. Why will I take bribe?  But who told you that  I took bribe? He asked.

He continued:  “Is it Oniyama that  told you  he  bribed me? Is that what Oniyama  is telling you?”   Oniyama is  said to be the owner of  R.S. Multiplex, but under the direct supervision of his son, Alvin Oniyama.

This paper responded: “Are you saying you have not received a dime from him or  from anyone in the Casino business in Liberia? He said: “My friend, I came to government to work and I am getting pay. I am satisfied with what I am getting. Anyone who says they  bribe me, let them show  the  proof.”

“But I will  speak to you later as I am preparing to go play football. Tomorrow, I will be  going out of town. I will check my schedule and get to you.”  The board is expected  to meet  this week to act on his letter of request.

Investigation continues:


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