National Civil Society Calls for NASSCORP Reappointment

MONROVIA-The National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NASCUL) is pleading with President George Weah to reappoint the Director-General of the National Social Security Corporation (NASSCORP), Dewitt VonBallmoos, as his tenure ends in March 2022.

NACSUL emphasized the need to reappoint DG vonBallmoos in order that he may continue his many unfinished projects that are giving the nation a facelift.

According to NASCUL’s President, Amos Kanneh, the civil society’s call for VonBallmoos’ reappointment is based on his many achievements as Director-General of NASSCORP since he took over the entity in March 2013.

It can be recalled; VonBallmoos succeeded Francis Carbah, who resigned in the first year of his appointment by former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and ensured that the development of the entity remain cardinal, in addition to formulating policies in the interest of the people, as well as fostering the agenda of the entity’s Investment Division, which was created in 2003.

President Kanneh lauded the NASSCORP boss, and noted that he is known to many for his numerous humanitarian gestures and contributions to the socio-economic wellbeing of the country over the years.

According to him, research conducted by NACSUL reveals that DG VonBallmoos has ensured that the entity elevates from distributing pension funds to venturing into infrastructure investments, which has yielded positive results for the entity and the nation at large.

Kanneh stressed that NACSUL’s research outlined the construction of the NASSCORP Administrative Headquarter, which began in 2015, with construction works contracted to CESAF Liberia Limited.

The edifice comprises of a seven-storey office building and a three-storey carport/office annex building that is being leased to Loita Capital. The building was dedicated and opened in April 2019,” the NACSUL boss revealed.

He said “Not seeing Monrovia as Liberia, NASSCORP endeavored to establish a regional hub in Tubmanburg, Bomi County.

President Kanneh believes major sectors of the Liberian society have also benefited from VonBallmoos and NASSCORP’s social corporate services, including the education and health sectors.

The group revealed how DG VonBallmoos has been instrumental in President Weah’s quick impact projects, as well as other meaningful development projects around the country.


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