National Archives Official Arrested

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

An employee of the Center for National Documents, Records and Archives (CNDRA) has been handcuffed and turnover to the Debt Court of Montserrado County after weeks of failing to honor court’s invitations.

Madam Charlotte Dixson was arrested by Officers of the Liberia National Police on Monday, May 1, 2023, and taken to the Debt Court at the Temple of Justice to show cause while she has failed to honor a writ of summon previously issued out of that court.

The arrest is predicated upon a communication sent to Col. Patrick Sudue, Police Inspector-General dated April 1, 2023.

The communication reads in part: “You are hereby commanded to assist the Sheriff of the Debt Court of Montserrado County in arresting the living body of Defendant Charlotte Dixson and forthwith bring her before the debit court.”

The court’s communication to have Defendant Dixson arrested comes after her alleged refusal to receive and sign for a writ of summon issued out of that court.

This action on the part of Defendant Dixson, the court says, implies that she refused the writ of summon leaving it with no option but to order her arrest.

It is alleged that the defendant owed the complainant identified as Gertrude Massaquoi several thousands of United States Dollars and reneged on refunding her, while at the same time using her position and connections to silence the private prosecutor.

Defendant Dixson was later released the same day after hours of intervention by several persons, including government officials. After her arrest, the Head of National Records and Archive, Mr. Emmanuel Lomax went to the Police Station to lash at the officers and the compliant.

It can be recalled that on March 29, 2023, Defendant Dixson an employee of the Center for National Documents, Records and Archives (CNDRA) was arrested for debts in a tone of over a thousand United States Dollars.

Madam Charlotte Dixon, who heads the Department of Public Records at the CNDRA, was linked to defrauding a citizen of Liberia, Gertrude Massaquoi, a resident of Brewerville.

Madam Massaquoi opted to secure a piece of land from Madam Dixon over a thousand, a deal which is said to have soured, thus forcing Madam Massaquoi to take a legal stance against the government official as per Madam Dixon’s promissory note.

According to the Court’s Document in the possession of this paper, an arrest warrant was sent out against the accused (Madam Dixon) for her alleged failure to pay what she received from Madam Massaquoi for land after she had made a commitment to it.

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