Nat’ Road Fund Appreciates GAC Audits Report

-Says CEO Satu

By: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmail .com

MONROVIA-The Chief Executive Officer of the National Road Fund of Liberia Boniface Satu has appreciated the Audit conducted by the General Auditing Commission on the management of the Road Fund.

According to him, the National Road Fund of Liberia is working in line with its mandate with honesty and professionalism.

Mr. Satu said his leadership is working along with the Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee   including the Ministry of Public Works, the Internal Affairs Ministry, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance Development Planning.

He further disclosed that the National Road Fund is partnering with international partners  as  a means of providing transparency and efficacy in managing the Road Fund that is making an impactful contribution to  the country’s road developmental drive over a short period of time.

He further disclosed the audit report validates the transparent work that   the staff at the National Road Fund of Liberia is performing for the overall good of the country’s road connectivity.

He  told the  media  that  with  the  worth of experience both internationally and nationally  in managing funds  for  the so purpose  of  improving   the roads of Liberia, Liberians  can rest assure of  sincerity  in managing  the road fund including  the formulation of additional revenue generation  in line  with  the National Road Fund of Liberia  Act.

Let be clear  that  the National Road Fund of Liberia  is fully responsible   to manger funding  for road maintenance and the building of new roads  through  the Ministry of Public Works  in line  with  the Act  of the NRF.

Moreover in a  Transmitter Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the  President Pro- Tempore of the House of Senate the General Auditing Commission(GAC)  indicated  that the legislature  and  that  of  the Ministry of Public Works  to  pay particular attention to the following matters.

According to the communication, if implemented, road maintenance and rehabilitation will significantly improve and reduce the high cost of transportation during every rainy season.

The Communication furthers  that the Preventative maintenance method should at all times be put into placed to maintain the laterite roads by ensuring that the network of roads are maintained per plan/schedule, throughout the year; and, taking into consideration, the topography and environment.

Additionally, the communication noted that engineers that are employed currently with the Ministry Public Works should be utilized by running the maintenance at the regional maintenance centers.

Indicating that the Ministry of Public Works fully supports the resident engineers assigned to counties by providing logistics, vehicles, in order for them to carry out their functions in keeping with their Term of reference (TOR).

That the projects and resident engineers should at all times be given a copy of the contract documents for any roadwork that is within their jurisdiction to enhance their monitoring or supervisory roles.

Accordingly, they should report monthly and recommendations should be implemented as the work proceeds.

The GAC Performance Audit further indicated that Maintenances and Rehabilitations of Roads For fiscal years 2016/2017 through 2019/2020 5 Promoting Accountability of Public Resources, pointed out that the Government of Liberia should remit all funds collected by the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) in keeping with the National Road Fund (NRF) Act to the accounts of the Road Fund to enable them carryout the purpose of the fund.

The GAC indicated that the Government of Liberia through the authority of the NRF should ensure that all applicable revenues are fully implemented in line with the Act.

Moreover, the approval of road works by the Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee in the Annual Road Maintenance plan should be in accordance with the projected revenue for a particular period in order to avoid the huge backlog of payments during the fiscal period.

Additionally, the Ministry of Public Works and the National Road Fund officials should adhere to the terms and condition in the contract regarding payment, that include the completion of works should be checked by a different team to ensure that completions reported by contractors are in accordance with contract terms for portions of the roads reported complete before certifying the request for payment as indicated in the contract documents.

Furthermore, the GAC Communication pointed out that   the Ministry of Public Works and The NRF should consider payment to contractor’s based on who completed first and level of work that is done by the contractor back by the reports from final inspection and a certificate of completion.

In the Audit Report, the GAC highlights several Recommendations that included Inadequate maintenance of roads (Maintenance of roads does not follow the prescribed schedule) In order to properly maintain laterite roads in the country.

“We recommend that the Government of Liberia through the MPW procures a fleet of equipment that will be managed by the private entity under the Public-Private Partnership arrangement so as to better maintain, supervise and manage the equipment for their longevity”.

Moreover, the GAC Recommendation pointed out that there is Limited supervision of road works (There is limited coordination between MPW and Supervising site Engineers on the monitoring of road works.

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