NAMOTE Tracks 93 Campaign Promises Of UP

By Mark B. Dumbar

The Executive Director of NAMOTE partner for Democratic Development in Liberia, Eddie Jarwolo has revealed that ninety-three promises were made by the President-elect, Joseph N Boakai during his campaign rallies across the country.

Speaking Tuesday, December 19, 2023, on a local radio station, he said the organization started tracking reports for Presidents and lawmakers in 2011. According to him, NAMOTE’s partner for Democratic Development has started doing something very different to give accountability.

He furthered that the organization started with scores of lawmakers and representatives in tracking documents. Jarwolomentioned that the organization saw the need to reveal those promises made to enhance transparency in government.

According to him, in 2017, the organization started tracking these promises made by the incoming lawmakers and the President at that time. “We follow their plans and promises and we documented everything,” he added.

According to him, NAMOTE Partner for Democratic Developments responsibility is to ensure that those seeking the presidential office and lawmakers live up to their promises. “We started with the Presidential category in tracking those promises that were made by them,” he disclosed.

He said the reason behind this tracking of promises is for those who seeking higher offices to be able to promote government accountability. “People come to you and say vote for me I will do this and we voted for them,” he added.

According to him, it has become a social contact between Liberian people and them. Jarwolo furthered that NAMOTE also helps to enhance government performance. “Because as we release those reports, they need to work effectively,” he added.

He disclosed that the reports have been released to different ministries and agencies that are responsible for implementing those reports and expect them to start work effectively. He disclosed that over the past six years, NAMOTE has been working to ensure that President George M. Weah’s administration live up to its promises.

Despite, the ups and downs in the administration of President Weah, in the 2023 elections, NAMOTE started tracking those promises made by President-elect, Joseph N Boakai. “We decided to close up on the promises made by President Weah and release those promises by President-elect Joseph N Boakai.We were able to release ninety-three promises,” he added.

According to him, they have tracked sixty pillows from various sectors that the Unity Party through the campaign rallies of President-elect, Joseph N Boakai made. “We were able to track down his promises and release them to the Liberian people,” he added.

In addition, NAMOTE Partner for Democratic Development in 2017, started the tracking down of promises made by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) leaders, and as a result, “We were able to track eighty-three promises.”

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