Nagbe Justifies Weah’s Assertion

-Comparing Moravia To Miami

By: Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-Recently, the Liberian Leader George M. Weah came under serious criticism from the public, particularly the opposition community,   regarding his assertion that Monrovia is Miami   one of his lovely cities in the world.

This  is not  the first  time  for  President Weah to vision  a city  in Liberia to be like Miami mostly  the Rehab Community,  and that of the Red Light community when he spoke to  the media few months ago that   upon  the completion  of his government’s developmental projects   in those communities  within Paynesville City.

Again, speaking recently, in the United States of America   to supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change following his representation at the United Nations General Assembly, President Weah told the jubilant crowd that with the level of development that his government has done over the years, Monrovia is like Miami.

Such assertion by President Weah did not go down well with lot  of Liberians mostly  those  of the  opposition  and ordinary  Liberians  who  believed   that  things  are not satisfactory under  the leadership  of President Weah.

Most  of those in Liberia  took on the social media  and criticized  President Weah  for providing  misinformation  to  the world concerning  the transformation  of the country’s capital city, Monrovia.

But the former information Minister now Commissioner General of the Liberia Maritime Authority, Eugene Lenn Nagbe speaking on OK FM Thursday, September 29, 2022 indicated that   President Weah was not in any way providing misinformation to the public concerning   his assertion of   comparing Monrovia to Miami.

“Sometimes when people want  to  criticize   they can forget about  their education  that is the situation  we  have    with  some of our opposition friends;    they forgot  what  they learned in 7th and 8th grades  about figure of speech about simile and   metaphor   they have forgotten about all”, he indicated.

Mr. Nagbe said President Weah was specific when he was speaking about the community’s roads that his government has been undertaken   that have prevented students from walking in the mud within the various communities.

“So he said that, we have effectively transformed these communities and we have made lot of community’s roads so that Monrovia is Miami, is that not a figurative of the utilization of what he was saying?” Nagbe asserted.

The Former information boss narrated that President Weah in his assertion, did not say all of Monrovia, but  those communities that roads  are built, are Miami in that aspect.

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  1. Munah Cooper says

    I am not sure Hon. Nagbe understood his own explanation as it relates to the President’s comments. Go back and listen to it. Even the very communities you are speaking of, which road that is fixed that has the community looking like Miami? Your need to stop. Liberians love the president and only want him to do what he promised the Liberia people and in so doing, prioritize the urgency the projects. Thanks.

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