NACSUL Sets Record Straight On Madagascar

Press Release

MONROVIA-The National Civil Society Union of Liberia (NACSUL) says its attention has been drawn to public and media spin on money spent to get Herbal Tea from Madagascar to Liberia during the crucial days of COVID 19; when the world was finding every workable solution to curtail the pandemic.

The group says, they have investigated and come to understand that the tea was realistically donated to the Liberian Government through the Ministry of Health and social Welfare and not paid for as being speculated or misunderstood.

The Investigation as conducted by NACSUL proved that in the middle of COVID, air travel was suspended across Africa and the world over and it had to take a charter flight to get the herb to Liberia.

‘While Madagascar donated the herbs, the country did not bare cost of transportation of the tea to Liberia or any other nation,’ the group’s investigation revealed.

It’s no argument that scores of citizens including Ministers, ordinary citizens and stakeholders in the country who were tested positive of COVID19 got revived using the herbal treatment from our African counterparts.

It’s unfortunate that the contributions of MoH/NPHIL and the Incident Management System headed by Dr. Wilhemena Jallah in the fight against COVID spread, is not being appreciated by some citizens but rather being politicized.

We urge the public not to politicize the health sector for selfish reason that tends to undermine the significant contribution made by health workers in the COVID fight that continues today.

NACSUL calls on National Government through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, local and international partners to provide more support to the health sector in making sure Liberia is COVID free.


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