“My Kindness Was Misused”

By Mark N. Mengonfia-mmenginfia@gmail.com

For the first time, ‘soft talking’ Deputy Speaker, Prince K. Moye has spoken with toughness in his tone relating to how he was ‘treated’ by the ruling establishment [Coalition for Democratic Change].

He spoke out on Monday, December 21, 2020 when he phoned in on the Truth Breakfast show to congratulate his colleague, Edwin M. Snowe for his victory in the just ended Mid-term senatorial election in Liberia.

The outgoing Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and now Senator-elect of Bong County said his kindness to allow the ruling establishment achieve its campaign promises, was ‘misunderstood and misused.’

When the election for speaker and Deputy Speaker was announced in January of 2018, names popped up, but the CDC knowing that the opposition has majority members in the parliament, entered an agreement for opposition to have the deputy Speaker position while the ruling establishment serve as first among equals to help push the agenda of the president; an agreement Prince Moye and others in opposition accepted.

“Trying to ensure that we give the ruling establishment latitude to deliver on their promises on their campaign and people took that out of proportion,” the Bong County Senator-elect said it with potency of tone.

Moye said, when the country is developed and the citizens are happy, it makes every one of them in government happy adding, “That is the role I played, but it was misunderstood and that kindness wasn’t reciprocated.”

Flashing back, the Bong Senator-elect said, “Even when my people persisted that I run, that kindness was not reciprocated. People going in the County telling local officials do not go to that person’s program.”

It can be recorded that during the just ended elections, President George M. Weah led a delegation of partisans in Bong to campaign for defeated Senator, Henry Yallah and during the campaign, President Weah said, “Anyone who is part of the CDC and does not support the party they will be penalized.”

“I think the CDC has seen it clearly. Those liars they have in the various counties and around presidency, I think the president will now understand what is happening in the country and will not allow people to impress him, some of us are not impressionists,” Senator-elect Moye indicated.

He praised the people of Bomi for electing Representative Snowe assuring them that their voices will be heard.

Before ending his call, the outgoing Deputy Speaker said, “Business as usual, no way.”

If what is written on the walls is read clearly and the concluding statement is taken into consideration, it means that the Senate Pro-Tempore position might not go for the same arrangement that brought Speaker Bhofal Chambers as head of the House of Representatives.

It means that they will contest for it when the time comes especially at the time the opposition have more members in the Liberian Senate and what Liberians called [strong men and a woman].                                         


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