Musa Bility Eyes Speaker Position

By: Perry B. Zordyu

MONROVIA-With just two months to the Presidential and Legislative Elections in the country, the National Chairman of the Liberty Party is said to be eying the position of Dr. Bhofal Chambers as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Mr. Musa Hassan Bility says he brings to the political discourse a new vision of integrity, implementation of the rule of law, and most of all the usage of public funds.  The LP embattled Chairman disclosed that before one becomes Speaker of the Honorable House of Representatives he must exhibit a passion for trust, integrity, and moral value.

“The country is drilling into the hands of greedy individuals who do not have the necessity of being public servants. This time, Liberians will no longer be pulled but rather we will place you under the political microscopic that will enable the public to know and see the kind of person a politician is,” Mr. Hassan Bility said.

Liberty Party is one of Liberia’s opposition political institutions marred by a serious leadership crisis something that has led to a split within the party. However, the party is seeking to rule the country and as such, Musa Bility is keen on driving the biggest seat in the House of Representatives as its Speaker.

Liberia is expected to go to a democratic process that comes October 10, of this year to elect new leaders or maintain the Weah’s leadership ranging from Presidency, Vice Presidency, Senators, and Representatives across the country.

On October 10 of this year, several Legislative Seats including the Presidential Seat will be vacant and up for grasp.

Reports gathered by this paper revealed that several others are interested in contesting for the Speakership of the House but are yet to come out publicly.

Mr. Musa Bility is, however, optimistic about being the next Speaker of the 55th National Legislature despite the current Speaker Chamber’s strong tie with his constituent. He spoke late Sunday evening, July 9, 2023, when he made an appearance on SKTV in Monrovia.

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