“Muen-Muen Banned Due To Environmental Pollution”

...NaFaa Boss Discloses

By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-The head of the National Fisheries & Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA), Emma Glassco has clarified that the banning of muen-muen is a result of environmental pollution caused by the production of processed fish in the water by fishermen in Liberia.

Appearing on a local radio station via a telephone conversation on Monday, June 26, 2023, the NaFAA boss pointed out that when the production is carried out, the entire environment will get polluted from the production of rotten fish by fishermen.

Madam Glassco added that due to the production of rotten fish in the water other fishes have traveled a distance from the Liberian water.

Speaking furthered, she said the production of muen-muen in water has demolished the fishing method in Liberia. Glassco stated, “It has affected our fish resources.”

According to her, most of the fish in Liberia are now traveling long distances in our water.

Glassco disclosed that there is a serious fishing method that the National Fisheries & Aquaculture Authority has instituted for fishermen operating on the Liberia water.

She added that the fishing methods have been created to enable fishermen to carry on safe fishing.

The NaFAA boss pointed out that the common fishing method normally used by fishermen is the marram which is the production of rotten fish in water.

Madam Glassco furthered that fishermen normally throw fishing nets into the water for several weeks and allow the fish in the net to get rotten.

She added that fishermen involved in the production of rotten fish water deploy their fishing nets in the water and allow them to remain in the water for several weeks.

Madam Glassco explained that they have other smaller boats on the major fishing boats to enable them to get more areas for rotten fish production in water.

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