Mr. President, Act on Nwabudike Now!

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WHEN PRESIDENT George Weah nominated Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike to his first position, Chairman at the Governance Commission (GC) and later followed by his second appointment at the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission (LACC), little did he know, perhaps, that his preferred nominee would return to him with basket of controversies.

AS IF THE PRESIDENT was not comfortable with his position at the LACC, he again nominated him at the NEC as its Chairman. It was his confirmation hearing that exposed his citizenship status.

THE SENATE REJECTED him on grounds that he lied with his citizenship documents. That he has three dates of birth, according  to records seen by the Senate.

In one of his passports, his birth dates showed  October 19, 1960, October 2, 1963, October 2, 1965 and October 2, 1969.

IN ADDITION TO that, the Liberian Immigration Service said it has no records on him of his naturalization status. With that, Mr. President, you recalled  him and he  went back to his  position as head of  the LACC.

WITH DOUBTS HANGING over him, the Liberia National Bar Association(LNBA), the body which accredits him to practice law because of his  ‘Liberian status’ at the time, constituted a committee to investigate him about his nationality claim.

HAVING CONCLUDED THAT, the committee came out with its finding in which  he was said to have  lied at all levels. He was finally expelled last week.

MR. PRESIDENT WITH all these controversies surrounding this man, it is about time that you relief him of his post. The fact here is LACC is  to be headed by Liberian and a Lawyer. The man is no longer a lawyer and moreover, a Liberian.

AS A LEADER WHO listens to the masses, we believe is about time that you do the honorable thing to remove him from LACC and appoint a Liberian of your choice  who meets all the necessary criteria.

WE ARE AWARE that you are trying your best to help him, but do not allow yourself to go in the history as  The president who violated The law. You are known globally as a respecter of law. And it is about time that this be exhibited.

YOU KNOW VERY well that the Act creating the commission calls for Liberians to occupy that position. We are not xenophobic, but believe in the law.

This is not about friendship, but rather, the interest of the country for which you got the support of the majority to lead. For ignoring the law and looking at maybe interest, could send a bad signal to your voters who you will need their support come 2023.

ENOUG IS ENOUGH Mr. President.   It is about time that you act now by removing the LACC boss from that position.

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