By: Washington Tumay Watson

MONROVIA-The embattled former Chairman of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin has vowed to expose government officials who are corrupt at the appropriate time.

Cllr. Kla Martin is contesting his dismissal as Chairperson of the LACC following the amendment of the LACC Act by the Liberian Legislature with President Weah nominating a new Board of Commissioners.

Cllr. Martin said his dismissal was illegal and a total disrespect to the Liberia Constitution due to his critical stance on the fight against corruption in government.

Speaking recently, the former LACC boss disclosed that if he calls names of those who have been asking him to compromise the fight against corruption, the Liberian people will be surprised of those involved.

He said those unpatriotic Liberians who are engaged in corrupting the system and are not willing for the system to be improved will soon be brought to the public.  

According to him, certain individuals engaged him not to proceed with some corruption cases but he did not give credence to such requests but continued with the investigation of those cases.

Cllr. Martin told the media that for the last year, he has been bombarded, battled, and intimidated by those in contradiction of his quest to free the country of corruption. 

Cllr. Martin admitted that it had been difficult for him to battle with those alleged corrupt government officials and had to go underground at times because of the kind of text messages he usually receives.

He narrated that because of the people of Liberia, he stood in their interest to minimalize the issue of corruption in the country.

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