“MOVEE Will Be Formidable Force In 2023”…Says movee SG

-As Chairman Sammie Declares Major Political Rally; Critical Decisions Intended To Reposition The Party Will Be Taken

MONROVIA-As the political atmosphere heats up with all potential political parties tactically gearing up to engrave their signatures on the minds of the electorates to lead them through a glorious and prosperous higher height, the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) has vowed to be a Formidable force in 2023.

In its quest to remain politically wise, firm and unwavering, MOVEE has announced a huge political festival in honor of Foreign Minister Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., who was its recently elected political leader.

Currently serving as Liberia’s Foreign Ministe, Ambassador Kemayah, earlier worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Deputy Minister for Administration and later moved on to the United Nations in New York as Liberia’s Permanent Representative in 2018.

MOVEE’s National Chairman, Robert M. Sammie, at the party’s Paynesville headquarters on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, made the announcement. He explained that the political rally’s purpose is to present Minister Kemayah with the party’s decision from its Emergency National Convention on September 17.

MOVEE, at its emergency convention recently held in Monrovia, elected Minister Kemayah as its political leader in absentia. The political rally is required because, according to Party National Chairman Sammie, Foreign Minister Kemayah was not present despite the unanimous vote.

On Friday, October 7, 2022, the party will have a special National Executive Committee (NEC) to make a number of critical decisions intended to reposition the party and make it a formidable force, though the party is most likely not to field a presidential candidate in the 2023 presidential and legislative elections, but according to the National Chairman, the party will field representative and senatorial candidates.

Moreover, Chairman of MOVEE indicated that a lot of work is being done to ensure the program’s success. He claimed that while extensive repairs and cleanup are being done at MOVEE’s headquarters, mobilization is happening throughout the county’s 17 voting districts.

The hoisting of the party and county’s flags, as well as the unveiling of a massive billboard at the Party’s Headquarters, would kick-off the program on Saturday, he said.

Following the function on Saturday, all elected officials, according to Chairman Sammie, would go to a meet and greet the political leader on Sunday following an intercessory service at a nearby church in Monrovia.

He claimed that supporters of MOVEE, sympathizers, and affiliates will assemble in large numbers to welcome the political leader and formally announce the decision to name him political leader of based on the recently concluded Emergency National Convention, which was held on September 17, 2022.

At the ceremony on October 8, 2022, it is anticipated that Minister Kemayah will give an acceptance speech.

The True Whig Party (TWP), Victory for Change Party (VCP), and Democratic Justice Party are three of the four constituent parties of the opposition Rainbow Alliance, which also includes the MOVEE Party (DJP). Given that its Political Leader is a top government official and a fervent admirer of President Weah, it is unclear whether MOVEE will stay in the Alliance

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