More than 400 Citizens treated as Rep Willie & Chinese Doctors Launch Community Health Initiative Wee-District


MONROVIA-Wee-Statutory District Representative Vicent Willie has with the support of ten Chinese Doctors launched a community health initiative in Grand Bassa’s Wee-Statutory District.

The team of specialized Chinese Doctors including physicians, physician assistants, and surgeons amongst others, arrived in Wee district Friday, August 12, 2022, to run a mobile clinic that was launched by Representative Willie.

They are under the banner “the 15 China (Heilongjiang) Medical Team to Liberia, in celebration of the 5th Chinese Doctors Day”

The team assembled at the Gorblee Youth Center in Wayzohn City as dozens of citizens trooped in with different kinds of conditions hoping that the Chinese can bring basic relief to them.

On day one alone, they were able to provide services to more than 450 people, that’s according to the district’s lawmaker.

Medical services being rendered by the Chinese it is said to meet technical and service quality standards for a Primary Health Centre through the provision of a suggested package of services under 12 thematic areas- Maternal Health, Neonatal, and Infant Health, Child and Adolescent Health, Reproductive Health, Contraceptive Services etc.

The head of the Chinese medical team, Dr. An Zhujun, said the team will provide medical services of all kinds to Liberians. They are expected to move between Buchanan and Wee-Statutory District.

An said it was “cheerful” to see the kind of reception given the team of medical doctors by the people so far.

“The Bassa people are good people, they welcomed us well and we love the reception they gave to us, with this we know we will have a good relationship”, he said.

At the Gorblee Youth Center, it was a memorable event seeing the joy put on the faces of the community residents being provided with free medical services which is largely deficient across a several parts of a district with just one ideal public health facility which is unequipped and cannot needs of people

Representative Vicent Willie said he lobbied with Chinese authorities to come to the district and help strengthen his already health outreach program which according to him continues to play a critical role in improving and extending the reach of health care through activities such as health education, case management, and basic health screening and facilitating access to services “to our people”.

The services being provided by the doctors is either at no cost to the lawmaker or anyone who gets treated. It is free in all respect.

“I did not pay a cent to anyone,” said lawmaker Willie who added “neither the doctor nor my people are paying a dime for the treatment”

Representative Willie, a first-term lawmaker disclosed that the 450 people treated on day one include children, men and women who had come with different heal conditions.

‘This means a lot to me and my people. They are even requesting the doctors to return to Wee as regularly as possible he added, “as u may be aware, hospital and access to medical drugs or treatment is a huge challenge for our people in rural communities in Liberia”

‘We were blessed to have had the Chinese Doctors helping us. A very big thank you to the Doctors and People Republic of China”, a beholden Willie said.

The Wee-Statutory District lawmaker has meanwhile revealed he is hoping to expand the mobile community health initiative to other parts of the county but said he would have to engage the Chinese Embassy for such assistance again.

Meanwhile, the citizens greeted the medical outreach with utmost pleasure and thanked Representative Vicent Willie and the Chinese People.

Isaac Whehgar, a resident of St. John town which lies at the border with Bong County said he traveled for nearly three hours to seek help from the treatment.

“My eye as been hurting and I came here since yesterday after I heard that the lawmakers were bringing white people to treat us and thank God they gave me plenty of medicine”

For Mamie Flomo, a resident of MIE Community on in Wayzohn City, this was the first of its kind for a public official to pick up such an initiative.

“Only God can pay Vicent Willie for what he and the Chinese people doing on compound three today”

Meanwhile, the citizens are asking their representative to expand the medical outreach to all parts of the district including major towns and villages which are far to reach.

In Wee District, a place of more than thirty-three thousand (33,000) people according to the 2008 census, has very poor health care delivery system due to poverty and lack of road connectivity and inadequate health professionals as well as irregular medical supplies.

Representative Vicent Willie runs a mobile community health care program in which low-income patients in far-to-reach areas, elderly rural patients with medication, and improved access to health care.


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