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Liberia’s Chief Pathologist, Dr. Benedict Kolee has questioned the second autopsy conducted recently by a Nigerian Pathologist on the remains of Charloe Musus, the adopted daughter of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott, accusing him of twisting the facts to free suspects.

Dr. Kolee and another Liberian Pathologist conducted the first autopsy earlier this year. But Lawyers defending Cllr. Scott and three other family members who are facing murder charges in Criminal Court “A” requested the second autopsy which was conducted early last month (November).

Cllr. Scott and three of her family members on Monday August 28, 2023, pleaded not guilty to the crime charged thereby joining issue with the state. Former Chief Justice Gloria Scott and threeothers plead Not Guilty of murder on Monday.

Last month (November), Dr. Benedict Bongolie Kolee, Chief Pathologist of Liberia, the prosecution’s 13th witness testified that the samples collected on the crime scene of the late Charloe Musa show that no males were implicated in the alleged crime that were committed. Samples Collected on former Chief Justice Gloria Scott Daughter’s murder scene exclude males.

The Nigerian born US Pathologist Forensic Pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Charloe Musu took the witness stand on Tuesday morning, December 12,2023, and testified that there was no significant female blood sample found in Charloe Musu DNA profile which said DNA findings that shows she was allegedly murdered by a male intruder.

The foreign Pathologist’s latest conclusion contradicts the one reached earlier by the first autopsy done by a team of Liberian Pathologists. However, Liberian Pathologist Dr. Kolee is hitting back.

Before the foreign Pathologist’s testimony, one of counsels for prosecution told the court that prosecution interposes no objection to the submission made by defense on the records, only that, the cost of bringing extra medical personnel to conduct examination on the remains of the deceased in these proceedings should be borne by them (defense) and not by the Government of Liberia.

The court noted that the application made by the defense counsel which prosecution has interposed no objection but with a caveat that all expenses pertaining thereto will be borne by the defendants.

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