Mont. District#4 Rep-elect Outlines Plans

By Mark N. Mengonfia

Montserrado County District Four Representative-elect, Atty. Michael M. Thomas has outlined plans for the district ahead of his certification by Liberia’s elections governing body, the National Elections Commission, NEC.

Appearing Thursday on the Liberia Broadcasting System’s morning program, Atty. Thomas said as part of what he wants to do as the people’s lawmaker among other things, include the opening of alleyways and the provision of health facilities.

Also, Atty. Thomas said he has planned to build a multipurpose complex for vocational education and will work harder to push it up to Associate degree level. Making a disclaimer, the newly elected lawmaker said the proposed institution will not be named after him but will be owned by the people of Montserrado County District Four.

Atty. Thomas who is an anti-drugs campaigner said he looks forward to working with people of the district to ensure that a rehabilitation center is built in the district and will have counselors who will help disadvantaged young people disabuse their minds from abusing drugs.

He said, “This district was at its low point in terms of development, health, reconciliation. He added that he will work with residents of the district to get what the district needs through his oversight responsibility.

The newly elected lawmaker promised that his approach at the Liberian Legislature will be a different style one of which is consulting with his people on many issues to get their views, call town hall meetings about national issues.

According to him, he will have an inclusive representation to include major stakeholders in decision-making processes of the district.

The newly elected lawmaker as an experienced economist who has worked at the National Legislature as head of the Public Account Session said he is going at the Legislature with vast knowledge but admitted that he does not know all and that is why he will work with others to have the work done.

Talking about the past and how the trust reposed in him by the public, Atty. Thomas said he has been engaged with the people of the district long before the just ended elections.  

He talked about his intervention during the Ebola and Covid 19 out-breaks, the provision of mobile ambulance service to cater to the health needs of residents of the district, his foundation which has provided vocational education for thousands of residents of the district and beyond among others as key issues the citizens saw and overwhelmingly voted him.

The district four lawmakerelect has promised to live up to what he promised the people of the district adding that six years is not a long time thus he has started to get the ball rolling ahead of his official certification by the NEC.

He is having a thanksgiving service at major points in the district to include churches and mosques. “After all the Thanksgiving Services, the real work starts,” he said.


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