Monrovia remains calm


MONROVIA June 7(TNR)-Principle  streets of Monrovia remain calm as several hundreds of protestors carry out peaceful protest in the capital.

The protestors under the name, Council of Patriots(COP) said they are unhappy with the George Weah administration due to what they call  massive stealing and flagrant violation of  the constitution.

But scores of business centers remain closed for fear that there would be violent. So far, there has been no violent.

“We have decided to remain peaceful today .  Btu many of the stores are closed. Only banks, hospitals and few areas are open. It tells you that the protest is  yielding result,” Anthoy Kolie , a protestor said.

The protestors gathered in front of  the capital building where they are are expected to present their statement  to the government. The vice president of Liberia, madam Jewel Howard Taylor is expected to receive their statement later today.

“We want to save the state. There are some people who are affecting the administration of president Weah. Like the Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah, Minister of state, Nathaniel Magil and others,” Roland T.  Sesay said.

The protestors are  dancing and singing.  The  exact number of persons is known but there are in their  several hundreds.

The police is  keeping a close watch at the protestors. Some of the protestors  dance and move closer to the police  and pour insult.  “Do not talk anything. Leave them. Let them talk,” a commander of the police said. TNR


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