Momo Cyrus Sets Ambitious Dev. Packages for Lofa -As He Completes County Engagements

Ahead of the official campaign launch for the Senatorial bi-election in Lofa County, Team Cyrus One Lofa Movement spearheaded by Momo Cyrus, has finally completed his County-wide engagement with Lofians.

The process which started a little over two months ago saw Momo Cyrus and his team in different villages, Towns, Districts and Cities preaching the one Lofa Movement message.

Despite the deplorable road conditions across Lofa especially isolated Vahun including the rain and sun, the Senatorial hopeful, braved the storm, took on the challenge to visit his people, interact with them in order to know and share their pains in a move to subsequently make direct interventions.

Cyrus, during his Town Hall engagements with his people categorized his development packages into three phases namely: Short, medium and long term respectively.

The proposed development envelope for Lofa County captured with estimated cost appears to be very huge and ambitious as some critics say they may not be achieved.

However, the individual in question has no history of making promises without fulfilling them as he is widely been described as : Talk and Do.

On the other hand, his past fulfilled promises were made outside of government while the debate would be, if he enters government through the national legislature, the variables could possibly change or not.

Placing his development envelope into three stages, Cyrus promises in his immediate term to make pliable, the road from Konia to Voinjama, “I am not promising you pave road but no car will get stuck in the mud or deep holes in six months’ time when I am elected Senator “, he clarified.

The route from Konia to Lofa’s Capital , Voinjama is in a deplorable state and a very long stretch which according to experts, will cost him approximately half a million dollar or so in order to achieve such milestone, the hosting of a National Unity Conference, to address the quote and unquote the division issue in the County as well as the reintroduction of a commercial bank in Voinjama to help boost economic activities in Lofa including new jobs creation and empowerment for the people respectively, are part of his six months immediate interventions for the people of Lofa County.

Both packages as per previous plan, could amount to over five hundred thousand United States Dollars.

Under his medium term plan, Cyrus told his people that he will prioritize women and youth empowerment.

“Women will be empowered through loan and skills training “, he emphasized.

As for youth empowerment, he promised to construct mini stadiums across Lofa’s eleven administrative districts .

According to Dutch Construction Company Greenfield standard, a mini stadium estimated cost is around five hundred thousand United States dollars.

Moreover, the young people will be provided scholarships to advance themselves as well as vocational training programs among others, he noted.

At the same time, and recognizing the compelling need for urgent intervention in the health sector of Lofa County, Momo Cyrus promises to provide 63 ambulances to Lofa’s sixty three health centers.

Health is wealth as such, under my watch as Senator of Lofa County, our pregnant women, fathers, children and youth will no longer go to the hospital using Motorbikes or wheelbarrows rather they will use the ambulance service and such will be achieved in three to four years’ time “, he added.

According to research, an ambulance with all of the necessary components is sold for overUS$70,000 in the United Kingdom while the estimated United States of America’s cost is over US$300,000 but Cyrus was quick to add that he will lobby with other Countries and health institutions to ensure he achieves such significant package.

On the long range package, he assured his people that Lofa will once again; retake its Bread Basket position in Liberia.

He stressed that agriculture will be his overall and general focus aimed at ensuring that his people, mainly farmers are empowered through the Ministries of Agriculture and Public works respectively.

Currently, he disclosed that plans are underway to make Lofa the hub of fruits production in Liberia.

“I am working along with my Czech Republic counterparts and they have assured me of opening a juice factory in Lofa as such, our fruits will no longer spoil or get rotten “, he pointed out.

Well, the packages of Momo Cyrus with timeline will now be tracked especially when he becomes Senator of Lofa to ensure that he lives up to his dozens of commitments to his people and county in general.

Already, and according to reports, Momo Cyrus has spent over one hundred thousand United States dollars on his citizens’ engagements across Lofa.

During his meetings with his people, he donated cash, food and nonfood items as well as dozens of sporting materials across the county, but some argued that such may be a dip in the bucket compared to the huge engagement promises.

However, others are of the conviction that if he can begin on such good note, there is a clear possibility of achieving his development packages for his people especially with his branded name: “Talk & Do”.

Holding everything constant, the ball is now in the coat of Lofians to do the needful at the ballot box in order to hold Momo Cyrus feet to the fire to ensure that he implements fully his dozens of promises for Lofa County.

Elsewhere, the five other candidates to include: Cllr. Joseph Jallah, Galakpai Kortima, Mariamu Fofana, Sumo Kupee and Dr. George Semah all have good plans and development packages for Lofa County if anyone of them is elected Senator of the County but it is only the attractive and most convincing political package will eventually be selected by the people on polling day to ensure a completion representation of Lofa at the Liberian Senate.

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