Momo Cyrus Promises To Electrify Ganglota

MONROVIA-As the Lofa County by-election heats up, one of the aspirants has promised to electrify Ganglota Town.

Gbanlota is a town with over a thousand population located in Salayea District, Lofa County which has never experienced electricity since its existence as a Town in Lofa County.

At a Town Hall meeting Wednesday, April 27, 2022 with citizens of the Town, Momo Cyrus promised to electrify the entire Town in order to end the old age challenge of darkness which they have experienced for several years ago.

The planned move according to Cyrus is intended to help provide security for the Town people.

His statement came following a request from residents of the Town who see the electrification of their Town as one of their paramount priorities.

Ganglota is one of the big towns along the main route in Salayea District as farming is a major source of survival for the people.

The Town is where Senatorial hopeful, Momo Cyrus started his early childhood education.

According to him, he is willing to give back to his people as such, the electrification project is an initial gesture of the many projects he plans to do for them.

He also named improvement in the health and educational sector especially the elevation of those facilities as additional projects he promised to do to put smiles on the faces of his people.

“I have come to serve and to give back and not to take away”, he told his people.

The SEGAL’s boss commended his people for always holding together because unity with togetherness is key to oneness, he added.

At the same time, he challenged them to put Lofa first in all that they do especially in the choices they will make ahead of the Senatorial election.

The Kpelle Town like other Towns is challenged with basic facilities and even though they have a clinic in the Town, but it lacks essential drugs and other medical equipment while the school needs elevation to High School due to the growing population over the period, something he noted, will be addressed when he becomes Senator of the county.

Cyrus then assured them (the people) that when elected Senator of Lofa County, they will feel the real impact of development in their Town.

“I will not let you down, I will develop Ganglota and Lofa in general”, he reechoed his assurance to them.


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