MOJ, MICAT Apologize to Judiciary

The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) have apologized to the Judiciary Branch of Government for criticizing ruling by the court in the US$100 million cocaine case in May.

The two government institutions have at the same time written an open apology to the Judicial Branch of Liberia and retraction of May 20, 2023, Press Statement.

In their communication to the judiciary the two entities said, “On May 20, 2023, following the jury verdict, which acquitted the Defendants in the 100m drug trial, we issued a statement criticizing the jury verdict. The Supreme Court has determined that the said statement constitutes contempt.


We hereby apologize to the Judiciary and retract the Statement.”

Frank Musah Dean, Jr., Minister of justice, Attorney General and Dean of the Supreme Court Bar and Ledgerhood Julius Rennie, Minister of Information in their respective open letter noted, “I the undersigned, issue this unreserved apology to the Judicial Branch of Liberia for the dissemination of the Press Statement of May 20, 2023, regarding the lower court’s ruling in the heralded 100-million dollars Narcotics  Trial.


The intent of the issuance of the statement, in keeping with my statutory responsibilities, was in no way or measure aimed at casting aspersions on the courts of our country and herewith proffers this open retraction. We hereby apologize to the Judicial Branch and retract the statement.

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