By Jamesetta D. Williams


Monrovia-Jan-16-TNR: Several Security officers of the Ministry of Health yesterday staged a protest over their seven-month salary said to be owed them by the Health at the Ministry.

One of the protesters, Sarah Smith, a widow and mother of four, narrated that they have spent four and five years at the Health Ministry but when it comes to their pay, the ministry always delays their salary payments something that is affecting them.

Sarah Smith narrated that from July 2023 to the present; they have yet to receive their salaries. She said the Ministry promised to pay them during the Christmas week from December fourth to the end, but up till now, there are yet to receive their salaries.

She disclosed that anytime they try to speak about the pay, the ministry usually gives them threatening words telling them that they will call the police, thus frightening them for their own money they have worked for.

Sarah Smith narrated that the ministry told them that they did not have the right to speak about their salary but rather met their boss SaahKollie.

She added that the agreement they and the ministry reached was for them to receive their salaries through their boss, SaahKollie something they have been doing in the past times. She said later they were informed that the government does not have money to pay salaries something she described as disrespectful by the ministry.

Sarah said up till now their boss, Saah is yet to call them because he has not been paid by the ministry. She said the Ministry of Health owed them seven months’ salary which it is yet to pay. She said they have been communicating with the ministry about their pay but, there has been no response.

She said they met with the Minister of Health, Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, and talked to her on the matter but the minister promised to look into the situation but nothing concrete has been done to get their salaries.

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