MOE, Partners Validate Menstrual Guidelines

By Washington Tumay

MONROVIA-Authorities at the Ministry of Education along with their development partners have conducted a one-day validation workshop on Menstrual Health and Hygiene Technical Guidelines and user guide for the country.

Speaking at the opening of the one-day event in Monrovia, the Director for School Health at the Ministry of Education, Johnson Hinneh said,  the meeting was intended for the stakeholders to review and validate the menstrual health and hygiene technical guidelines that were formulated by the Ministry.

According to him, such an instrument could not be done by the Ministry of Education alone, something that resulted in the holding of the one-day intensive event.

He said it was vital for the stakeholders to make an import on the draft document.

Hinneh encouraged the stakeholders to pay key attention to that information in the draft of the menstrual health and hygiene guidelines and the user guide document.

He further urged the participants to take more time in validating the documents that will reflect on the actual situation within the country relating to menstrual health and hygiene.

The Director for School Health at the Ministry of Education also expressed gratitude to the participants for taking up their time to work on such a critical and important document.

Also speaking was Water Aid Liberia Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting, and Learning Officer (PMER), Patience Zayzay appreciated all of those stakeholders who were part of the process of developing the draft document on menstrual health hygiene guidelines and user guide.

She further said there are lots of stakeholders who are engaged in that sector, emphasizing that if they as actors in that sector are to harmonize their work, it was important to have a guideline that will direct their path along the way.

She said when such is done, it will enhance their appropriateness with the practice of menstrual hygiene that will improve the quality of their work.

Madam Zayzay further expressed the hope that the guide will be used for its intended purpose.

Also Speaking UNICEF Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Officer Julia Moor reflected on the County not having any document relating to menstrual hygiene guidelines and user guide during the celebration of menstrual hygiene day.

She said it is the guide that will provide that basic information regarding the status of menstrual hygiene in the country.

Madam Moor said with the menstrual hygiene guide produced by the Government through the Ministry of Education will help to eradicate the constrained in deliberating on menstruation in schools, homes, and other areas that have been seriously constraining due to cultural beliefs and practice.

According to her, with such an instrument, the young people will have the opportunities to acquire that vital information relating to menstruation and they will be in the position to openly discourse menstruation without fear or intimidation.

Also, a WASH Specialist of the National Water Sanitation and Hygiene Commission, Eugene Caine said the WASH Commission believes that when a full package of WASH is delivered, it will be better for all persons in Liberia.

He further said menstrual hygiene is a component of WASH, stressing that he was happy that the opportunity is now given for the issue of menstruation to be deliberated on for the overall good of the country.


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