Mo Ali Gets Freedom

MONROVIA-Following hours of  power struggle on Thursday to have Mo Ali Released between  the Liberia National Police (LNP)  and his office,  the Secretary General of  the opposition politician was finally released  late Friday.

Mo Ali  was in prison for  24 hours under police detention in spite of the mandate from the  Minister of Justice Frank Musa Dean to have him unconditionally release with immediate effect.

On March 25, 2021, Mr. Ali was accompanied  by his lawyer Cllr. Finlay Karngar and some officials of Unity Party to answer to a inquiry regarding a Facebook post he made on March 1, 2021 which the police attributed to the Arson attack on the Headquarters of the National Elections Commission as well as attack on the home of Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe.

The police announced Mo Ali’s arrest on the afternoon of Thursday, in Monrovia following an initial arrangement that he returns to the LNP headquarters within 48 hours for questioning on said post. Upon Mo’s return to the headquarters of the LNP on Thursday, he was arrested and charged with ‘arson, terroristic threats, and criminal attempt to commit murder’. It was said that Mo Ali would spend the required 48 hours in jail awaiting court appearance.

According to reports, the Justice Minister told  the  LNP to release Mr. Ali until the evidence  was produced, reviewed and a determination  made by the Attorney General.

According to Deputy Commissioner Prince Mulbah the orders to release Mr. Ali, was communicated to Police authorities early Friday morning, contrary to yesterday’s media reports that Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean had instructed the ‘unconditional release’ of Mo Ali unto his lawyers.

Amin Modad, Chairman of the opposition party- Unity Party, told reporters Thursday that the rights of Mo Ali were totally violated by the George Weah-led CDC government.

Modad explained that upon their arrival in the morning hours, a questionnaire was given to Mo Ali to answer to something he did after which the police insisted that they have an additional questions for him to answer but they couldn’t give those additional questions.

After spending more than one hour without producing the additional questionnaire, police authority went in a meeting and returned with several charges. But prior to that, they were  surrounded by more than hundred armed police officers in the conference room where the investigation was taking place.

According to the Unity Party Chairman, Mo Ali was charged verbally and not written charges and was expected to spend two days in jail.

The UP chairman described the action carried out by the police as ‘improper, predetermined and premeditated’ to have his party stalwart subjected to investigation rather than invitation.

Modad narrated that it is an abuse of his partisan’s human rights and meant to silent the critical voices of opposition. He alleged that there were several elements within the ruling CDC, who had written some destructive statements on their various Facebook platforms and pages, but none has been called for questioning.

He added that the post of Mo Ali is not criminal for which he should be jailed for but all is happening to silent the voices of opposition figures and their actions are political.

Cllr. Finlay Karngar prior to his client release on Friday, 26, 2021, link Mo Ali 24 hours detention to call from higher authority.

Cllr. Karngar noted that the alleged charges against his client were drawn from top authority of the executive(he did not provide details) to satisfy their desires noting that the action of the Weah-led government is clear manifestation to silent opposition community

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