Mission to “Recapture”

As a fundamental pattern of reflection and looking back at one’s past events to be able to identify shortcomings or challenges in order to make amends and eventually chart a new course, soul-searching is equally unique to every organization so determined to remain on course with their founding principles and objectives. 

No naysaying that the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) finds itself in this arrangement, and is seemingly trying to find its right footing on the political pedestals. Having substantially struggled to reestablish itself and redefine its leadership path since clinching unto power in 2018, it suffered huge political bloody-nose in the 2019 By-elections, losing Montserrado County it considers birthplace of the revolution to the opposition political setup. 

After the defeat, spate of internal tumults became another indisputable that further broke the camel’s back. Reeling from these terrible factors, it seems the Party has soul-searched well ahead of the impending December 8 elections evidenced by an unparalleled stunning human caravan pulled during Saturday, November 21, 2018 Campaign Launch at the SKD, thus signaling preparedness to reclaim the lost Montserrado Seat. The New Republic reports on the “Blue Tsunami” said to be the noticeable mark of a Resurgent CDC.

After massively and dishonorably losing the County regarded as stronghold and birthplace of its revolution, Coalition for Democratic Change, CDC, on Saturday, November 21, 2020 took Monrovia by storm in a manner demonstrative of its resurgence and preparedness to restore the years shockingly lost to the locusts.

The rather unprecedented turnout of hundreds of thousands of CDCians , repetitive of the 2005 and 2011 campaign launches, for the party’s Campaign Launch for the pending December 8,, 2020 vote is said to have portended a CDC that has overcome many challenges that ultimately underpinned its progression and eventually eluded it victory in the 2019 Senatorial By-elections won by the opposition. 

‘Blue Tsunami’, the codename of the campaign launch intended to bring CDCians out of their abodes entailed massive preparation spanning several weeks as it was capital intensive as well. 

According to records, CDC never lost Montserrado County since 2005 until 2019 when the tides turned in favor of the cluttering opposition of some coalesced political parties determined to stand and challenge the party’s popularity and grip on power in the county.

For the race said to be too close to call, the CDC is parading Representative Thomas P. Fallah, aliased T-5, for the Senate race as well as Saah Foko for the District  number nine  Representative race intended to fill the vacancy created by the passing of one of the party’s stalwarts, Rep. Munah Pehlam Youngblood.

Interpreting what unfolded at the weekend in their analytic understanding on social media and other platforms, many Liberians seemed convinced that Saturday show of popularity bespeaks victory for the party’s candidates in the impending race to the Senate and the House of Representatives only if the crowd was real.

“If what we saw in Monrovia and the SKD is expressed in real votes, then there is no doubt of a CDC victory in next month senatorial and representative race for Montserrado County and District  number  nine respectively,” remarked onlookers stunned by the gargantuan crowds of loyal partisans across the city.

Liberians are often reminded of the losses the party suffered in 2005 at the hand of Unity Party’s Ellen Johnson after another display of the greatest political gatherings in Liberian election history followed by other disappointing fate in 2011 after gargantuan display of human Tsunami. 

As early as the morning hours of Saturday, December 21, 2020, it had become clear that something obvious was in the offing in the city of Monrovia and its environs, that the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) was about to rise to the occasion again to show its human/popular strength as it has done from time to time since 2005. 

Before the sun could come out, throngs of unwavering dyed-in-the-wool CDCians and well-wishers splendidly garbed in the usual blue, white and red colors were already at various intersections across the city prepared to descend on the capital city. 

Some of them were already trekking their way to central Monrovia en route to the SKD, while others mounted vehicles speeding toward the venue of the memorable red-lettered occasion.

It was a mixture of ages that also defused or dispelled held-onto branding of the CDC as party of young people.

Each district across the 17 electoral districts had gathered willing partisans at intersections of various communities to be picked up for the SKD where hundreds of thousands had already congregated for the official launch of the T-5 for Senator and Saah Foko for Representative Campaign.

By the noon hours, the entire Monrovia had gotten completely submerged and inundated with the CDC human caravan heading towards the epicenter of the launching program, the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex.

Bring partisans in their numbers onto the streets is commonplace for the CDC, and Saturday’s gathering is said to be another demonstration of the party’s might when it comes to bringing people out on the streets.

As usual, CDC Standard-bearer, President George Manneh Weah invigorated the occasion with its presence and participation. Garbed in the party’s colors, the President received thunderous applauds along with standing ovation when entered the Stadium for the occasion.

Fallah told the crowds that his mission is to ensure that the county which once belonged to them, is ‘redeemed’

Later, the president himself took the podium. In statement to fellow CDCians, the Standard-bearer rallied them to go all out in order to ensure victory for the party’s candidates.

He said said, “we are on a mission. Our mission is to reclaim Montserrado county. Our mission is to recapture Montserrado county. Untied WE stand, divided we fail. We can not fail and we must not fail.

With series of battle cries, his speech was stopped to enable his partisans to speak too. 

“This is our  mission. Today, the peace  of the country is in your hands. 

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